Display London

26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ, London

Field Trip

Field Trip brings together a collection of new works by nine artists, encompassing paintings, mono-prints, drawings and sculptures which showcase multiple forms of otherness that coincide with the idea of a collective and creative odyssey.

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This group show carries the impulsive desire for exploration by the featured artists who step back from the comfort zone of their studio, their familiar surroundings, and seek an engagement with the unknown in order to discover, research and learn from new sources through an active process of experimentation with the given materials that each one uses. This allows and offers an immediacy of formation and representation in their subject matter and builds an artistic dialogue full of context when put alongside each other in the gallery space. The notion of actual and metaphoric journeys has always been a repetitive theme for many artists and novelists. Acclaimed painter Paul Klee has noted that “A line is a dot that went for a walk” suggesting playfully the unavoidable transformations that a trip, no matter how long, will bring.   The current exhibition draws inspiration from Ian McKeever’s travel journals, published in the book The Marianne North Paintings, 1995. For two days it has rained continuously with heavy mist. During this time he occasionally left his tent to stretch his legs and to photograph the mist. This would have been just another fogged film. But on this morning the mist cleared and he looked out across the valley. The regular mountains triangulated down into the flat, sandy valley base. The river, a milky green, was impassible as it carried away the previous day`s down-pour and melt-water. He had a strange feeling of parchness. The landscape had a symmetry of dryness.   Field Trip will showcase the personal and inner journey of each artist through their artworks that upon arrival at Display Gallery will take a form of a collective expedition. The new surroundings of the white cube space and the process of installation will assign a different perspective and meaning to the oeuvre and thus will create a new journey within the journey. The audience is invited to witness that process of new possibilities and prolific dialogues and take part in this artistic field trip while exploring its challenging nature.   The show presents the practice of a culturally diverse group of artists from Helsinki, Munich, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and London.