March 6th 2013

Meet Sandi Gardiner!

Meet Sandi Gardiner!

Many of you already know Cloud Imperium’s Vice President of Marketing Sandi Gardiner, as she’s helped countless Citizens with their account linkings and card setups… but read on for a chance to learn more about her. Sandi will be on Wingman’s Hangar this Friday, so be sure to tune in!




What did you do before you started working on Star Citizen?

Before Star Citizen, I was working full-time modeling and acting. My other jobs in marketing have been in Fashion and Entertainment.


What do you do for Cloud Imperium?

As VP of Marketing (although I’m not sure about the title VP as it stands for Vice-President and there isn’t anyone above me in the Marketing Department) in effect, what I do entails more than just marketing. I currently manage customer service, concierge, merchandising and fulfillment and host on-camera interviews for SC as well. Let’s just say I’m busy!


What’s your best memory of the Star Citizen funding campaign?

My best memory of the SC funding campaign was the 24-hour livestream even though I was tired at the end of the campaign. The livestream was really a lot of fun because after a lot of hard work it was great to see that Chris’ fans still appreciated him and came out to support him. I enjoyed having everyone together for that time as a lot of communications had been done over the internet so it was really my first time to meet some of the team. I remember talking to Chris about three days before the campaign ended suggesting it would be amazing if we reached $5M in crowdfunding and Chris said maybe everyone would like to see the Bengal Carrier for $5.5M. I actually replied ‘No way!’ Lucky I didn’t bet on it and I think ‘The Lamp’ maybe helped out.


What are you most looking forward to doing in Star Citizen?

I look forward to playing Star Citizen and working at the same time. The Hangar module is going to be really cool and the dogfighting too. Marketing in this situation is made all the more exciting when the community are right there as things evolve a lot more organically and it is much easier to move with the ‘Zeitgeist’. Nothing like a good ol’ dogfight with our community.


Do you play any other games?

I mentioned ‘Doom’ in the interview which I played obsessively instead of writing my thesis. Right now, I occasionally play Galaga and Pacman. I seem to have gone a little retro and into the 80s at the moment. I do have games on my list to check out: World of Tanks, League of Legends and Planetside 2. I’m also looking forward to the release of some other Kickstarter games like Shadowrun and DoubleFine Adventure.

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