There's a new place in town!

The Jeepney Asian Grill is a novel fast-casual restaurant that offers an array of flavorful grilled Asian cuisine with exceptional value pricing. With traditional grilled dishes like the Grilled Pork Skewers, the Grilled Chicken with peanut sauce, and the Beef Satay, and other favorites like the Stir-Fried Pancit Canton, the Jeepney Seafood Java Rice and the Beef Panang, we assure a fresh and new dining experience.

If you’ve been to the Philippines, you’ve probably seen a Jeepney traversing about the metropolis carrying a dozen or so passengers.  The Jeepney is an open van-like like vehicle uniquely adorned with ornaments, sometimes painted with various colors, usually short of flamboyant, and is typically used for public transportation. It’s found in virtually every city in the country. What’s interesting is that the Jeepney was born out of the military Jeeps the Americans had left behind after the second world war. It was localized and has become a deeply imbedded symbol within the Filipino culture.

For us, the Jeepney represents an adventure back to the US. An adventure filled with grilled influences from our part of the world, localized, and to be enjoyed by a westernized palate as well. Finally, a new take on Filipino cuisine, with quality and an uncompromising dining experience as a priority.