For three days polytheists from a variety of traditions and geographical locations will gather to talk and listen and make real-world connections. There will be a series of lectures, workshops and roundtable discussions on a wide range of topics as well as opportunities for informal networking. We’ll also be looking into ways to make some of the sessions interactive so that those who aren’t able to attend can still participate.

This is a conference for polytheists who would like to get together with other polytheists to discuss the state of our respective communities and how we can improve things through the sharing of information, resources and other collaborative efforts. To avoid getting sidetracked by the usual debates over theology and identity politics this conference is intended for those who affirm the plurality, autonomous agency and diversity of the divine, who accept a place for both tradition and innovation when called for, who are engaged in active cultus, who are not opposed to magic and mysticism and who are not racist, sexist or trans- and queerphobic. If you cannot agree to these terms then this is not the conference for you!

June 12-14, 2015.


How much

If you have other questions please send them to us at polytheist.leadership@gmail.com.

Your friendly organizer,
Galina Krasskova

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