National Museum of Iran, Tehran
National Museum of Iran, Tehran

National Museum of Iran


National Museum of Iran, with more than 70 years of history is house to nearly 300,000 museum objects from all over the history of Iran. It is the largest history and archaeology museum of the country. This museum ranks among the few most impressive museums of the world in regard to magnificent volume, diversity and quality of its monuments and therefore a must-see in your Iran trip.

This grand museum consists of two museums; the old Archaeological Museum of Iran and the modern National Arts Museum. While the old museum’s mandate is to show archaeological remains, the modern art museum was inaugurated by featuring the wonderful pottery works belonging to the prehistoric era of the Caspian Sea.

These two museums are the best place to see the history of the Persia through preserved ancient and medieval Persian antiquities. These works include fine pottery vessels, historic metal objects, textiles remains from different Iranian cities, and even some rare books and coins.

National Museum of Iran reads as "موزه ملی ایران" (right to left) in Persian, pronounced as “mozeye melie iran”.


Working Hours: 9 - 17:45 (3 April - 22 Sep) Tuesday - Sunday
    9 - 16:45 (23 Sep - 20 March) Tuesday - Sunday
            10 - 18:30 (21 March, Persian New Year)
    9 - 18:30 (22 March - 1 April, New Year)
                                        The National Museum of Iran is closed during certain Iranian holidays, for more details it is advised to contact the museum directly

Ticket: 5 USD
Important Note: exchange rates are subject to change.

Tel: +98-21-66702061
 National Museum of Iran


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