Pryor Rejects Reality

It’s on camera. Senator Pryor has said he supports raising the retirement age of Social Security. Yet, now he denies he ever said that – in spite of video evidence to the contrary. How can he possibly explain that?

Pryor Puts Obama First, Not Arkansas

Senator Pryor supports the Obama agenda over 90% of the time. He doesn’t put Arkansas first. Here are the facts:

Be a raging liberal, of course! Mark Pryor defends ObamaCare and President Obama in Washington, DC, but he sings a completely different tune when he’s back home in Arkansas.

Senator Pryor Repeated President Obama’s Lie Of The Year

Senator Pryor repeated President Obama’s broken promise, telling Arkansans if they like their insurance, they can keep it. But Obamacare has cancelled the health insurance policies of almost 5 million Americans. So if you like your Senator, you can keep him. If not, you know what to do …

Senator Mark Pryor Not Only Voted For Obamacare, He CONTINUES To Defend President Obama’s Failed Healthcare Law.