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Video Testimonial Project (VTP)

Hello Beating the Drum and other supporter in the end of PA –

I stumbled into this project on the Facebook boards: creating a media spot to end parental alienation by compiling a bunch of stories (mostly video) into one short, professional piece.

I’m both capable and willing to take this on.  That said, my schedule is becoming very tight between now and my Walk for Lost Kids in about three weeks.   It is my goal to produce the final product very quickly before I leave on the walk but I can’t guarantee it depending on our numbers.

Part of my plan will be asking for the group for some modest help.

Becky, the group leader, and I are working in unison to make this a success.  I have a lot to say about logistics and the message we convey but  I’ll keep this initial notice more concise.

Right now we simply need a show of hands for people willing to participate.  You need to have your materials submitted (how to be detailed later) by Oct 4th.  If you want to help, make sure you “like” the posting at Beating the Drum for Justice.

I look forward to spreading the word!