Ayala Triangle Gardens

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Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is Makati’s Central Park, an urban oasis at the heart of the central business district. In addition to landscaped park grounds, there is a row of one-of-a-kind restaurants that offer fresh, new dining concepts with al fresco seating. This triangular block also houses the Makati Stock Exchange, the Tower One & Exchange Plaza, and the Filipinas Heritage Library, built on the site of the historic Nielson Tower. In this section, find restaurants, menus, and exhibit and event schedules.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

As a testament to Ayala Land's confidence in the continued growth and progress of the country, the next phase of the redevelopment of the Ayala Triangle is well on its way.

When the company launched Ayala Triangle Gardens and opened its doors to the public in 2009, the community warmly embraced it as its urban oasis, being strategically located at the heart of the Makati Central Business District. Five years later and cognizant of the growing needs of our stakeholders, the call to develop the northern tip of the Triangle became inevitable.

Amidst this distinct Makati skyline, we realized that the generous open space is what Makati denizens and visitors truly value. It is this same characteristic that makes Ayala Triangle unique and valuable therefore it is our priority to further enhance the sense of openness that people are now enjoying. The company stands strong in its commitment that whatever development it will undertake within Ayala Triangle will be sensitive to this basic and inherent intent and any development should only result to an improved experience and a more desirable address.

Ayala Land is pleased to share that the master plan and building designs ensure that the sense of openness will be maintained. Given this, the next phase of the development will be limited to the northern tip of the triangle and will only cover 12% of the total area. It will be comprised of 2 towers: Tower Two, another AAA office tower similar to Tower One designed for Headquarter-type offices and a 5-star hotel– Mandarin Oriental's brand new site in Makati offering 275 rooms. The towers will be equipped with sufficient parking space and will have separate drop-off areas for the office tower and the hotel along Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, respectively.

Suitably complementing the existing central landscaped area, the development will include a terraced garden and an open green at its base. This flows into a lower garden that is anchored by an open air amphitheater for shows and performances. We will also be improving some aspects of what Ayala Triangle Gardens is already offering such as pedestrian and jogger friendly paving, good area lighting, and enhancement with public art pieces.

In addition, the advent of retail stores is something that Ayala Triangle visitors should watch out for. The urban oasis, for the first time, will be a melting pot of brands ranging from fashion to specialty stores that directly answer the lifestyle needs of its diverse target market. More specialty food options can likewise be expected to cater to weekday power lunches and private business meetings, to weeknights for intimate dining, to weekends for special occasion dining and celebrations.

Ayala Land however would like to reassure its stakeholders that the relocation of some existing trees will be responsibly managed. Professional arborists and experienced landscape contractors supervised by JSA, a renowned tree management expert had been contracted. The relocation of trees will soon commence with 50% of the trees to be moved within the Gardens and the remaining 50% in Circuit Makati.

The development of the northern tip of Ayala Triangle is part of the Make it Happen. Make it Makati. Campaign of Ayala Land. We are confident that by developing another area of the triangle, we contribute to enhancing and activating another side of the CBD. It will soon connect with other nodes like that anchored by the Zuellig Tower on the Urdaneta Village side, as well as the established Salcedo Village on the opposite edge. Certainly, it will create a new convergence point in the Makati Avenue-Paseo De Roxas intersection.

The target is to break ground by the end of the year and complete the development in 4 to 5 years. During this period, the Ayala Triangle Gardens will be in full swing – traditional events will continue to be hosted, health buffs may still enjoy their routine jogs, and restaurants will be operational.

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Rest assured that the upcoming development will lead to a better shopping, dining, and relaxing, experience.