Wine & Hiking, Perfect Pairing of Vice & Virtue

wineIf you’re like me, the idea of spending a vacation lounging on a beach sipping margaritas is like inserting two felting needles into my eyes, and having them slowly twisted. By this guy.

I feel the same way about sitting on a veranda imbibing wine, even if it’s a great Gewurztraminer. But – suggest some some blood pumping activities and you’ve got my attention. So you can imagine how bundled my undies got when I discovered California Wine Hikes and its accompanying blog, winehiker witiculture.

This site offers a sumptuous pairing of wine tastings, tours, and hikes in Northern California, Central Coast, and the Sierra Foothills regions. You can choose from one day or multi-day packages, and even choose based on your fitness level (easy to strenuous).

I used to live in San Francisco and reading about the tours to Pescadero (elephant seals, Año Nuevo State Reserve, and Half Moon Bay), Sonoma County, and San Francisco is making me a bit homesick. Don’t see a tour you like? For six or more people, they will arrange custom tours!

I should clarify something – you don’t drink wine ON the hikes. That would be silly. And your wine would slosh out of your glass on the steep parts. Wine tastings are your reward at the end of the hike! :)

Besides the gorgeous and well-thought out tours, be sure to check out the blog. Many wine blogs can be–well–dry (no pun intended), but this guy is a hoot. Who would review a Petite Sirah as Chandler Bing?

Also stumbled across some wine-maker blogs – I love reading stories about how artists produce their art. Wine is the only liquid art, so check out these wine blogs from people who pour their hearts into the Bacchanaeic liquid.

Roshambo – this blog/winery is like habaneros after a day of white rice. Prepare to be surprised.

Tablas Creek Blog by Tablas Creek Vineyard

LaFond Winery Blog by LaFond Winery

Dover Canyon Blog by Dover Canyon Winery

Cima Collina Blog by Cima Collina

Farella Vine & Wine Blog by Farella Vineyards

Napa Valley Wine Radio by Goosecross Cellars

PinotBlogger by Capozzi Winery

And just for fun, Adopt A Grape. When you sign up, you get weekly updates on your grape in pictures and video. Be sure to check out the videos that show milestones in the wine-making process.

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  1. winehiker Says:

    Charlene, I truly enjoyed reading your article; in fact I stumbled across it, kind of like a hidden root on shadowed trail. But what a find! Yours is the most well-written critique I’ve found, and I’m grateful to you for pouring your soul into researching and crafting it.

    Spring is sure to come soon, so shake the mud off your boots and I’ll see you on the winehiking trail!

    Russ Beebe, Founder
    California Wine Hikes

  2. Roshambo Winery: Circus with a Side of Wine? Says:

    [...] wrote a glorious article on wine and hiking last week. Although mixing strenuous activity with my imbibement isn’t my cup of tea (or glass of [...]