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HuffPost Live
Type Internet streaming
Country United States
Owner The Huffington Post Media Group
Key people
Roy Sekoff, President and Co-Creator
Launch date
August 13, 2012 (2012-08-13)
Official website

HuffPost Live is an Internet-based video streaming network run by news website The Huffington Post. The network produces original programming as well as live conversations among users via platforms such as Skype and Google+. Live content is streamed for 8 hours each weekday, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST. Instead of the usual TV news format of individual "shows", the network is divided into shorter segments covering an individual story or topic from the parent website as well as other segments pertaining to a specific part of the site itself (politics, money, front page, etc.) It launched on August 13, 2012.


Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington announced plans in February 2012 to launch a "breakthrough project" in a blog post to mark a year since the news website was acquired by AOL.[1] The project, then called "HuffPost Streaming Network", was described by Huffington as a "more relaxed, more free-flowing, and much more spontaneous and interactive" platform to disseminate content, unlike television.[2] The project was later renamed "HuffPost Live".[3] Huffington Post founding editor Roy Sekoff and Gabriel Lewis, head of AOL Studios, co-created and developed the project.[4] The third member of the senior management team is Mitch Semel, Executive Editor of HuffPost Live.[4] Sekoff described it as "CNN meets YouTube".[1] He said the project intends to take advantage of the Huffington Post '​s "engaged" community which produced 54 million comments on the site in 2011.[5]

The company held a demonstration to showcase the interactive components of the network on February 2, 2012 at a press conference in Manhattan.[6] During the press conference, Huffington noted that the network will launch with 100-strong staff.[5]

The site launched on August 13, 2012 with Verizon and Cadillac listed as founding partners.[7]



HuffPost Live currently features 8 hours of daily programming for five days a week, on-demand, on mobile and online.[1][6] Currently, night and weekend programming features highlight segments from the previous day or week.

Since its launch, HuffPost Live has concentrated on driving viewer engagement. “The news is no longer about a few people telling everyone else what happened – it’s about everyone telling everyone what's happening right now. And now. And now… This shift from presentation to participation is what fuels HuffPost Live,” said Huffington Post in the launch press release.[8] Segments often feature viewers and other members of the Huffington Post universe, including reporters and members of the Huffington Post community. Segments are open to participants joining the conversation via webcam, smart phones and tablet computers using Skype, Google+ and other video communication platforms.[6][9] Programming is produced from AOL/Huffington Post studios in New York City.[10] Although there was initially a staff in Los Angeles as well, the LA production site was shut down on Aug 30, 2013, with some of the LA staff relocating to NY.[11] The live stream is interrupted by promos for HuffPost Live after which a still promoting the next program replaces the video for the ongoing program. The viewer must click on the website to get the video back.

Advertising on the network consists of pre-roll commercials on video-on-demand clips.[12] The network is also backed by "premium" sponsors that will integrate their advertising into the network's content.[5][12]

Videos produced by HuffPost Live are available on over-the-top services including Boxee, Roku, PlayStation 3 and Apple TV.[5]


2012: Mashable's "Biggest Innovation in Media"

2013: The Webbys - News & Information Channel; The Webbys - Media Streaming (Nominee); Tellys - Online Video, News Features (Bronze); Appy - Entertainment: Professional Content; Cine Golden Eagle - Original Digital™ Division, Non-Fiction – Documentary ; NABJ - Digital Media Interactive: News - Chicago Killing Field

2014: Digiday - Best Video Platform; Gracie - Outstanding Online Producer, "Special Series on Gun Violence"; The Webbys - News & Information Channel


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