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Special Note:

All manufacturing of 23cm amps and parts is temporally suspended until further notice.



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KB2AH 1296 Circular Feeds

KB2AH 1296 Low-Noise Amplifiers

KB2AH 1296 Power Amplifiers (See special note above)

KB2AH Water Cooling Jackets

KB2AH 1296 Antenna System

KB2AH Test Equipment


KB2AH LDF4-50A 1/2-inch Hardline Connectors

KB2AH 1KW, 180-Deg Hybrid Combiners for 23cm. E-mail for info!

K1FO Rear-Mounted Yagi Antenna Mounting Blocks



KB2AH's Personal Home Page!


RealAudio: KB2AH CW EME Signal

RealAudio: KB2AH SSB EME Signal


RealAudio: W4RDI 450w & 18-ft. Dish


W7HR's EME Project Page

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C3I Antennas

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