Macospol Platform: Tools Applied

Explore already mapped controversies
See how tools have been previously used by researchers and social scientists
Architectural Software
Architectural software for the purpose of mapping controversies
Climate Change Skeptics on the Web
The resonance of the names of well-known climate change skeptics on significant climate change sites on the Web.
Climate Change Skeptics in Science
How mainstream or fringe are climate change skeptics in climate science? Are the climate change skeptics skeptical about other controversies as well?
Controversy Dynamics: A Simulation
A dynamic mapping of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium controversy
Debate mapping software for showing actors' positions
Who are the stakeholders?
Detecting the relevant groups involved in a controversy and their mutual relations
Dietary Supplements Risk Cartography
Dietary supplements are not classified as drugs up to now, and are therefore not subject to any registration requirements in Germany.
Dietary Supplements Dynamic Animation
The architecture of the controversy on dietary supplements visualized in a dynamic animation.
Dying out of bees
A case study of the dying out of bees (Apis mellifera) in the walloon region (Belgium)
New Tools for Old Debates: The Food Supplements Controversy Mapped Anew
A description of the creation process of the new mapping for the food supplements case study
How hot is my controversy?
Is your controversy debated and reported in the global news today?
Issue Crawler
The Issue Crawler is web network location and visualization software.
Issue Professionals
Users for mapping controversies
Lippmannian Device
The tool provides a coarse view of a source's partisanship and/or issue commitments.
Ongoing Controversies: The Design of the London Olympics Stadium
A description of the London 2012 case study website
Explore your own controversy
Use "quick and dirty" tools to understand and grasp different facets of controversies
Nanotechnology Risk Cartography
Along with the possibility of unforeseen risks the question for regulations for nanotechnology specifically is put.
Is an information source partisan?
Detecting hype, skepticism, and schools of thoughts in controversies
Risk-Cartography User Guide
Risk Cartography is a mapping tool directed to better equip civil society for reflexive risk governance, that is to enhance various stakeholders understandings and representational abilities...
Risk Cartography Video Tutorial
The video tutorial gives a short introduction to the idea and the user interface of Risk Cartography.
Controversy Risk-O-Meter
Locate the risk discourse about your controversy in the web
Sustainable Homes
This study asks: what kind of space is the sustainable home, and what are its affordances for public engagement with the environment? To answer these questions, this study undertakes an obje...
Small Visual Innovations
A look at some of the visual innovations created in Manchester