Macospol Platform: Data Management

Assembling Stakeholders
Selecting and holding an assembly of stakeholders
Climate Change Skeptics on the Web
The resonance of the names of well-known climate change skeptics on significant climate change sites on the Web.
Controversy Dynamics: A Simulation
A dynamic mapping of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium controversy
Controversy Spaces
The spaces of controversy
Debate mapping software for showing actors' positions
Dietary Supplements Risk Cartography
Dietary supplements are not classified as drugs up to now, and are therefore not subject to any registration requirements in Germany.
Dietary Supplements Dynamic Animation
The architecture of the controversy on dietary supplements visualized in a dynamic animation.
Dying out of bees
A case study of the dying out of bees (Apis mellifera) in the walloon region (Belgium)
Controversy Space Explorer
The Controversy Space Explorer is an interactive and dynamic interface dedicated to the exploration of controversies’ life in time, scale and space.
Issue Professionals
Users for mapping controversies
Lippmannian Device
The tool provides a coarse view of a source's partisanship and/or issue commitments.
Ongoing Controversies: The Design of the London Olympics Stadium
A description of the London 2012 case study website
Nanotechnology Risk Cartography
Along with the possibility of unforeseen risks the question for regulations for nanotechnology specifically is put.
Risk-Cartography User Guide
Risk Cartography is a mapping tool directed to better equip civil society for reflexive risk governance, that is to enhance various stakeholders understandings and representational abilities...
Do controversies really exist?
Disputing the very existence of controversies