Affiliate Team (aka who to ask)

Photo credit: CC BY SA PaulScott56

: Maximillian Kaizen
If you’ve checked out the what/why/how of Creative Commons and have a sense that CC is more than a set of DIY legal contracts, you’d be right. Care to stand with us to protect and promote digital freedom, globally-shared creative evolution through Open Education Resources, Science Commons and Free Culture within an African context? The power of CC explained for business, education, artists, scientists, media, culturejammers:
Connect by mail with Max or you’re most welcome to call: 021 433 0886



Photo credit: CC BY SA PaulScott56

: Dr Tobias Schönwetter
The man who leads a highly respected legal team, crafting the licenses with respect to our jurisdiction to ensure that the strength of copyright protection is enforceable in court, while ensuring the rich rewards of digital sharing are built in, safely.
Should you need specific legal advice regarding your works the doctor is available to ensure you can enjoy both the protection and promotion that CC offers.
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Making-it-Rock Volunteers

We’re delighted to welcome CCSA volunteers Kelsey Wiens (Case Studies Librarian aka Curator of Awesomeness) and Natalie Govender (Community Organiser aka Tribal Gathersmith).
(bios & contact details to come)

Legal Team

In addition to Dr Schönwetter, we are exceptionally fortunate to have the counsel of superb legal minds, local and global. Those who endure the laborious task of writing the legal code necessary to ensure the strength of copyright are enriched with the capacity to share licenced goods legally, and enforceable in court.
Outstanding scholars like Andrew Rens based at Duke Law School who advise and build the legal documentation. Local legal professionals like Paul Jacobson and Pria Chetty who traverse with fluency in legal and digital spaces, offer their valuable time and effort to strengthen CC.
Our Host Institution is the Intellectual Property and Policy Unit at the University of Cape Town headed by the esteemed Professor Julian Kinderlerer.
(..and there are more! In the next few weeks we’ll introduce the strong CC legal throng with a little more depth for your peace of mind and our gratitude).