The Creative Commons is a rich set of shared human works. From scientific research to music samples, documentaries to university lectures, photographs, animation, books, even commercial patents.

Come partake of the wealth that those who have applied more open licenses have to offer you.
Build on it. Remix. Innovate and share on. With over 400 million Creative Commons licensed works you may feel a little daunted as to where to begin.

Let’s help you start >>

Flickr (even better results: select for CC pics in advanced search)
Youtube (select CC tab in the Editor, and search)
Open Science & Research
CC Music Communities
Record Labels
Open Education (global) and happily OER (local)
GreenXchange  (open innovation)

..or simply go through Creative Commons own aggregated search

This is by no means the sum of the abundance out there, because you’ll find blogs, Wikipedia, governmental and civil society data licensed to share. But it’s a place to begin.

Care to share your favourite sources of CC-wares? Please build on this page with a link to your resources from the comments section, with our gratitude.