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Are you enriching the human commonwealth of culture, education or science with daring sharing of your music, lectures, research, film, 3D printable schematics, books, photography…? What are you licensing under Creative Commons? Let us help celebrate your choice to both protect AND connect your works for open access.
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Take a look at Creative Commons’ beautiful, freshly-published book (available, naturally as a free download too) The Power of Open to get a sense of what we’re looking for.


Even if you aren’t doing anything particularly impressive yet, the Web sees your good deeds, and rewards in turn:

———————– FINDABILITY BUILT IN ————————–

You’re with the 21st century copyright program, and you’ve applied Creative Commons licences to your work or research. You are afforded legal protection, but promotion is part of the benefit of CC.

Search engines will know how to ensure that your work is noticed through the machine-readable code built into your license. Youtube or Flickr among other social media platforms have ways to promote and get your work noticed now that you’ve opted to share your creations. Whether you’re sharing a curriculum, an engineering diagram, animation clip or medical research – if you’ve added your CC license your work is indexed clearly and discoverable.

Thank you for enriching our shared digital commons.

Criticise by Creating” – Michelangelo Buonarroti