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    gary luetge

    I too was on allopurinol. 300mg. Dr never once checked my UA levels. Over period of time, the allopurinol became ineffective and I went a natural route with celery seed extract, cherries, etc. This controlled my gout as well as the allopurinol did, but did not completely stop it. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, 2013, I had on prolonged attack that started in an ankle i injured, migrated to the arch of my foot,then big toe, then my heal where the achilles attaches, and then started over. Pretty much ruined my holidays.
    Another thing to watch on allopurinol is this. Allopurinol makes your kidneys work in overdrive, which can, over a period of time, damage the kidneys. Untreated gout, over a period of time, can cause renal failure. the Doctor last christmas put me on probenicid. It seemed to work good until last week, when I developed a very nasty case in my right knee. Just got back from the doc today. Am on strong steroids for the inflamation, and he put me on uricinex, will see what happens. My gout attacks seem to be triggered more by stress than anything else.
    I too, am going to get a test kit so as to be able to monitor my UA levels. They are not that expensive, and I’d like to know. Have been monitoring my BP for years and don’t have high BP, but have gout, and haven’t been monitoring my UA levels. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

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    Cannot believe the pain!!!
    Cherrys have made me worse!!
    Kill me now!!
    3 weeks in Im going mental!!
    Gonna try the colchicine,
    On the arthrexin at the moment but alas
    Its no good…..
    And I haven’t had the gout for a year and a half!!

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    There’s a lesson to be learned from gary luetge’s drivel.

    It sounds quite believable doesn’t it. Until you know a fact that I can see, but you cannot (until now). The address the message was sent from is which is in Britain. So why talk of Thanksgiving, which most Brits have never heard of. Maybe gary is on vacation, but I doubt it.

    Towards the end of the second paragraph we see a reference to uricinex. No doctor would ever prescribe a herbal remedy. Normally, I would delete this spam, but I think it is more useful to leave it here as a warning.

    How bad can this product be if the only way they can promote it is with fictitious posts that pollute meaningful gout discussion?

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    Aaaagh. Spam and gout is a fatal combination. I’ve just noticed the same IP address was used to send another message from Johno.

    I’ll move it here so we can have a single big spam feast.

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