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Welcome to The Werewolf Cathedral, the only organization in the world that represents the Werewolf religion.

This public website offers a general overview of our beliefs and practices, and what it means to become a Werewolf, a member of the Werewolf religion.

If you are interested in joining the Cathedral you can view a PDF copy of The Manifesto of The Wolf which contains insights and fascinating details on all aspects of the Cathedral.


*Please note before you proceed: WE ARE NOT A SATANIC ORGANIZATION!  The Werewolf Cathedral is a Pagan organization practicing a Pagan religion.*


The Werewolf Cathedral teaches one to merge with the base instincts. We acknowledge that we are Human beings but that we are animals. We do not seek to separate the two as many in the past have attempted. We feel that many ideologies have caused man to lose touch with his animalistic nature and survival instincts. Therefore the Werewolf is used as an archetype to represent man as an animal. The Werewolf is the perfect exemplar of the unified instinct and intellect, the beastly nature and the “humanistic” nature of man. To put it simply The Werewolf is a symbol of a person who has become in tune with their instincts as our ancestors were. Some may find this to be dangerous however our ancestors knew, there never was anything intrinsically superior about the “civilized” lifestyle and worldview to begin with.  Pagans lived prosperously and successfully for thousands of years without ever making for themselves the problems modern society made in far less time: genocide, disease, nonstop wars of conquest and religion, wholesale pollution of the earth, rigid class systems that disregard intellect and merit and trap vast segments of humanity in poverty and virtual slavery, political systems that oppress and leech upon all but the privileged few, science and learning whose main aim is to advance military technology or further an ideology, and a general view that man, not the natural world, is why the universe exists.


We believe that man is a predatory animal, and that by unifying his intellect with his instinct he becomes more empowered to fulfill that which he wills to do. We believe that Social Darwinism is the true way nature operates, whether man finds this to be cruel or not makes no difference in regards to its truth. We believe in dealing with the world the way it is, not how it should be. It must be stressed however that we do not condone the racist aspect of Social Darwinism that was promoted in might is right, we see it from a non racist perspective.


We acknowledge there is the possibility of an afterlife however we believe that focusing more on the next life then this one causes one to let life pass them by. If the quality of an afterlife is dependent on this one then we should remain focused on this one and how it operates in truth, not how we are told, rather then a afterlife we have no proof even exist. We also believe that people should not be forced to believe or disbelieve in spirituality. For those that do we have a set of occult practices we follow, even these however can be viewed as purely psychological techniques for self empowerment and practiced by the atheist or agnostic Werewolf.


The Werewolf for us is an archetype, the perfect symbolic example of what we represent and stand for.  If you wish to ramble on about the myths and television ideal of the Werewolf we advise you to go else where.  We simply are not interested.


*The Werewolf Cathedral considers anyone that believes in transformation of a man into a Lon Chaney Jr style wolf man, with hairy face and fangs, to be delusional.  And certainly not a Werewolf.  Being a Werewolf is a mentality and an ideology.  Lycanthropic Transformation is about union of intellect with instinct.  So that the two complement each other, rather than being at odds with one another.  We are not concerned with role players, pretentious wannabes, and other such individuals.  If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere!  This is an organization for the elite of the elite.*


To learn how The Werewolf Cathedral is different from other Left Hand Path organizations click here.

                                                                          REQUIREMENTS FOR AFFILIATION

We are a secret society in that we will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding your membership as we do with all of our members.

At the same time, the Cathedral does not tolerate criminal activity by any member in any form.

This is made clear in all of the Cathedral's communications and literature.

We also expect all members to behave in a legal manner. The Cathedral will remove from membership anyone who does not.

We want you to feel as comfortable and secure as possible with your membership in the Cathedral.

To become a Lifetime Member you must be at least 25 years old, As well as legal age of adulthood in your country.   This means you must meet both our age limit which is 25 or older, and the legal age of adulthood in your country, NOT one or the other!

Read what the media has to say:

"This group’s beliefs appear to be a worrying mix of dark magic practices, pagan beliefs with strong Satanic influences. " - Paul Glendenning

"I expected a role-playing society or something equally pathetic but upon reading this interview I see deep and well formed philosophical ideals and ideas….. they seem quite blatantly valid actually. and the use of the iconic symbol of the werewolf as a representation of this philosophy fits. I’ll be looking into this further in the future."  -  Adam at 

  "Its nice to see some genuine views, or people that are truly passionate enough to look back to the original theories and ideas as opposed to hopping the commercial bandwagon." - Melanie at

"Listen to what the Werewolf Spirit is saying. Be ever mindful of what the Werewolf Spirit is telling you whether from High Priest Johnson, through his words or from what you read and hear through your everyday encounters. Time should be devoted to the Werewolf Spirit. Read the Werewolf Bible; perform rituals at your altar. We have answered the call and together honor the Werewolf. Through us the Spirit of the Werewolf is proclaimed." - Reverend Vargulf  (The Werewolf Cathedral)

"I believe The Werewolf Cathedral is going to be a guiding force in the occult community for many years to come." -  Greg Henderson of Pagan Voice
"The evidence of demonic influence on our culture." -  Doug Burrow of speaking of The Werewolf Cathedral
"The Cathedral’s ethos is simple: Humans have lost touch with their “base instincts” that allowed their ancestors to thrive." -


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“There may be other practitioners in your area who will try to discredit your abilities to the public. Normally, these are the ones who create smoke screens to hide the fact they are only using the occult to make a fast buck. A sincere practitioner can harmoniously and peacefully coexist in an area with other practitioners.”                

- Ray T. Malbrough author of Charms, Spells

& Formulas of Llewellyn Publication.

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