WWE Divas, May 20th Main Event Results – Naomi Has An Eye Out For Aksana
Posted on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

WWE Main Event – May 20 Divas Match:

Naomi vs Aksana


Well what’s up, Diva fans? As WWE continues its tour through the UK, we’re lucky enough to get Divas action on Main Event. And – following the tradition of the past few weeks – our match comes as a result from the happenings on Total Divas. This week’s episode showed us the behind-the-scenes reaction to Naomi getting an eye injury from Aksana back in February. She was enjoying a push for the Divas’ Championship at the time and it completely killed her momentum. Well after Naomi returned in time for WrestleMania, she never did get a chance to get revenge. Now she has – it’s Aksana vs Naomi ‘live’ from the UK.

Naomi actually goes on the offensive with some strikes. In a call back to the injury, Naomi goes for a sunset flip, Aksana attempts to drop the knee again and this time Naomi moves. Naomi keeps her momentum going with a flipping clothesline and spike DDT into a hip drop. It’s now time for that headscissors stink face move Naomi loves. She attempts to springboard off the turnbuckle but Aksana clubs her in the back and slams her to the mat by her hair. Aksana covers Naomi for two and then puts on a chinlock, switching to a surfboard stretch. Naomi powers out and hits an enziguri to escape. She follows up with dropkicks and an attempted hurricanrana – but it’s completely botched. She positions Aksana over the middle rope and delivers a springboard hip drop to the back of Aksana’s head. Aksana kicks out at two and is able to plant Naomi with a gutwrench side slam. Naomi kicks out at two and Aksana goes for a back suplex. Naomi lands on her feet and connects with the full nelson bomb for two. Aksana attempts the Devo Drop but that gets botched too, Naomi kicking out after two. Aksana goes for her other finisher but Naomi reverses and hits the Rear View for three.

Winner: Naomi via the Rear View


Well Naomi finally got her grudge match against Aksana. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these two just do not click. Even before Aksana cracked Naomi’s eye socket, their matches were just a series of hit and miss incidents. The chemistry is just not there. Aksana in particular hasn’t been having a good few weeks. All matches I’ve seen her in since WrestleMania haven’t been up to scratch; in fact she seems to have regressed. She just isn’t able to properly sell Naomi’s high flying style. She’s never been able to take that hurricanrana particularly well but here was probably the worst attempt of the lot. And on the flip side, Naomi too was at fault for how she took the spinebuster. I’m also not crazy about that springboard move; both times Naomi has used it, she’s had to drag Aksana into position for it. And that kills the momentum, making it look especially choreographed. It did look more impactful than the first time she used it – she just needs to find a better way to set it up. There was good in the match, like that little call back to the injury – that was a nice touch. The bump Naomi took off the turnbuckle was also very nice. The couple of new moves she also busted out looked very good too. I did like the sequence of near-falls towards the end (even if one of the moves was botched). I was happy to see Naomi get a match anyway as it feels like ages since I’ve last seen her properly in action. She’s still making the effort and doing her best to promote herself even if she’s not getting a push anymore. Aksana…well she’s capable of much better than she did tonight. Hopefully whatever rut she’s in will be gone soon and she can start putting good matches on again.

  • UnderDeanAmbrose’sSpell

    Pretty good match.

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