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Class Names

Notes that relate to the behavior and function of specific Cache classes should be on a page with the same name as the class. For example: %Net.HttpRequest.

Library Classes

Library classes can also be referenced using a short form where, for example, %String means the same as %Library.String. To facilitate easy location of such classes a page with the short form of the name should contain a redirect to the page with the full name.

% in Page Titles

MediaWiki has some technical problems with the use of the % character in page titles, particularly with titles that contain %A, %B, %C, %D, %E or %F. In all such cases the page name should just drop the % character. So notes about the %CSP.Session class will be found on a page named CSP.Session.

Routine names

Cache routines have a variety of extensions depending on the language they are written in. Pages containing notes about specific Cache routines should be named after their commonly used name, for example %RD not %RD.INT or %RD.MAC.

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