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Shadow the Hedgehog


by T.J. Deci

First featured in the Dreamcast's Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic the Hedgehog's dark counterpart has an adventure all his own in this cross-console release from Sega. Featuring a branching, interactive storyline, the game is designed to allow players to guide Shadow according to their own moral decisions; he may be played as the evil nemesis to Sonic and his friends we remember, prone to greed and cruelty, or as a misunderstood victim of fate, hoping to make amends for his evil deeds. As the game begins, Shadow awakens in a strange place, with little memory of his past, or even of his own true identity.

Shadow soon finds himself caught in a three-way war between two rival armies and the villainous Dr. Eggman. The actions Shadow takes may ultimately decide conflict's resolution -- for better or for worse. Along with his Sonic-style powers, Shadow can make use of several different weapons and special vehicles, steer the awesome power of Chaos energy toward massive destruction, and even manipulate the flow of time. In spite of these differences, the new setting, and the player-controlled plot twists, however, the powered-up, high-speed platforming action in Shadow the Hedgehog should feel familiar fans of latter-day Sonic games.



  • Decide to be good or evil in over 20 stages and more than 50 missions
  • Search high and low for seven Chaos Emeralds to clear up Shadow’s murky past
  • Acquire weapons like bazookas, lasers, and pistols to help defeat enemies
  • Hop on a motorcycle, fly an alien craft, or drive an SUV
  • Compete with a friend in the two-player head-to-head mode

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