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Blake Stone: Planet Strike!


by Michael L. House

In this first person, action adventure kill-fest using the id Software Wolfenstein 3D engine, the designers of Blake Stone: Planet Strike! created a space adventure from the 22nd century. As hero and invincible galactic agent Blake Stone, you must defeat the army of military mutants developed by the evil Dr. Goldfire. Journey through twenty goal-specific levels, battle twenty-four genetically superior mutants, deal with four bosses, one super boss, utilize seven cutting-edge weapons, and face hazards ranging from SeekerBombs to acid slime. Blake Stone: Planet Strike! enhances the original Wolfenstein 3D engine to speed up action featuring detailed and realistic lighting effects, an auto-mapping utility and multi-zoom modes. The interface supports joystick, mouse, gamepad, and keyboard movement.


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Extra Credits

by Michael L. House

There is no doubt that Blake Stone: Planet Strike! is influenced by previous groundbreaking games in the first person action/adventure genre such as Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom. The game is very similar to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.