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Operation Diva


by Brett Alan Weiss

In Operation Diva you are Rork Sorril, a tough guy and member in good standing of the strategic fighting unit for the Council of Planets. While you were away on a secret mission, an alien race known as the Xoren kidnapped your daughter. They are holding her for one purpose: to use her in crossbreeding experiments. Spurned on by a sense of duty and an abiding love for your daughter, you must brave a series of maze-like dungeons filled with alien droids.

You begin this game armed with a simple blaster. As you progress through the alien fortress, you can pick up a carbine pistol, a pulse rifle, a laser rifle, and a disruptor. Also, you can find armor, health boosters, and key cards, which are sometimes your only way out of a particular area.

The action in this game is viewed from directly above your character. Although you will spend much of your time shooting at and avoiding being shot by androids, your only real goal is to find your missing daughter. You do this by finding the exit in each maze until you reach the final level.