Manufacturing in New York City since 1955.
The longest lasting, most stylish salon and spa garments in the entire world.


Our 55 year experience in the beauty business has afforded us the knowledge of textile innovation.

We have seen a fair share of trends come and go. While looks can be fleeting, our high quality materials make your aprons, capes, and robes continue to last.


Silksheen and Peachskin are our luxury fabrics for capes and gowns. Designed to make our products look as incredible as they feel, we sought out fabric that was soft yet able to withstand the daily rigors of a salon.

Our luxury fabrics continue to feel lush while enduring constant contact with coloring products, bleach and other chemicals.


The finest iridescent available for durability and shine.

It is made by weaving two opposing threads so tightly that they create a new color.

The specially treated threads, together with the high-density weave, make this the fabric of choice for all your salon needs.

Silksheen is available for our capes in black, brown, bronze/copper, midnight blue/navy blue, silver/grey, white.



The allure of luxury; the feel of plush comfort.

A sensual, soft to the touch, brushed poly-blend. The soft textured side lays against the body, while the smooth treated side withstands stains and splashes of coloring products, bleach, and chemicals.

You would not expect such a sensual fabric to be so durable and wash wrinkle free, with a quick turn around time for a pampered clientele.

Peachskin is available for our robes and gowns in black, brown, navy blue, dark grey/charcoal



Combines durability, quality and high fashion.

A high performance bleach-proof poly-blend material, chemicals won’t leave a mark on our collection of style aprons. Plus, water just rolls off.

Wash in gentle or permanent press cycle, and delicate dry to stay wrinkle free.

The more it is washed, the more it feels like cotton, becoming softer with age while maintaining its color and character, wrinkle free and stain resistant.

Guaranteed to provide years of service, beyond your expectation.

Centura is available in black.