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About VideoClix

VideoClix Technologies Inc. was founded in 1999 by creator and CEO, Babak Maghfourian. VideoClix's original clickable video authoring software segmented, tracked, tagged and categorized objects within videos. Once this was complete, VideoClix Software exported interactive videos that could be shared or served over the Internet.

Up until 2004, due to the immaturity of online video at that time, VideoClix was sold as a software solution mainly for educational purposes. However, with increased broadband penetration and the emergence of online video, VideoClix revamped its business strategy to suit the growing demand for web and mobile video distribution.

The VideoClix Family Some of the crew at the Vancouver head office

Today, VideoClix is significantly different from where it was 10 years ago. Three words can describe VideoClix's core business: Clickable Video Monetization

The company's products and services have matured into a scalable solution that can identify the 3P's of online video: People, Places and Products. VideoClix's Smartrack algorithms can identify these 3Ps and create detailed hotspots for all objects in video. This allows viewers to interact with any object in VideoClix Enabled content. Through these interactions viewers can learn more about objects, purchase products, get storyline and bios, play along or receive general background info.

VideoClix currently employs 25 people in North America, Europe, and South East Asia. The company is privately financed through VCs and sophisticated investors. VideoClix's angel round was closed in 2001 at $1.1 million dollars and a seed round of $9.6 million dollars was closed in 2007. The management of the company is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs in the media and multimedia sector, TV network executives, artificial vision scientists, IT architects and venture capitalists.

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Products and Services

VideoClix offers interactive video production services as well as enterprise level technology licenses for tier-1 broadcast networks, brands, agencies, portals, content production companies, aggregators, resellers and VARs.

Pilot: A trial account is offered to qualified clients (at VideoClix's discretion) at no cost. This free package includes interactive video production, one month free streaming and measurement of viewer behavior. The key purpose for the Pilot is to allow clients to evaluate VideoClix engagement and monetization with their content and traffic on their own site.

Production Services: VideoClix production offers a hassle free way of producing clickable videos in record time. Simply provide the source video and tracking instructions and the VideoClix Smartrack technology adds all relevant hotspots to the video. Once this is complete you simply insert the interactive info (marketing copy, ads and links) through the VideoClix iCMS (interactive content management system) . The VideoClix team will assists you during this production phase when needed.
Your content then plays in the full-featured VideoClix player on your website, 3rd party site or social media sites such as Facebook. You can edit, alter, measure all aspects of your project through your VideoClix iCMS.
The cost ranges from $495/video to $995/video depending on volume. It is suited for content production companies, brands, eStores, artists and companies new to clickable video.

Enterprise Technology License: This annual license allows you to integrate VideoClix features and functionalities into your infrastructure (Player, CMS, Metrics, ad server, iApp) or your 3rd party online video platform. Enterprise licensees are also provided with higher volume discounts. The Enterprise License is suited for companies that require technology transfer, customization, mobile and TV distribution.

All users and licensees are provided with auto object tracking services, a content management system, a web based interactive editor, customizable HD player, syndication, load balanced CDN (optional), metrics, reporting, social media connectivity and an ad server.


With VideoClix we have pioneered a great video monetization solution that allows viewers to access relevant information while enabling advertisers to successfully reach their target audience in a non-intrusive manner. We're committed to innovating the hypervideo space. We hope you appreciate our vision, take advantage of our solutions and help us make video the interface of tomorrow.

— Babak Maghfourian, CEO