The Information Architecture Summit


A community gathering of information architects, content publishers, and all who design information spaces. Share stories with people like you, improve your skills with best-practice advice, and make the content you create easier for everyone to find and share.

No other conference loves IA like we love IA. Beginners and experts mingle, lives and careers transform, and all are welcome for professional help, sanity-checks, or passionate geek-outs about making information searchable, shareable, and sensible.


2015 IA Summit

April 22-26, 2015
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

We're thrilled to be bringing the show for the very first time to this amazing city of art, natural beauty, and of course the Jucy Lucy.

For over 15 years, the IA Summit has influenced how people think about information architecture, content strategy, and experience design. For our 16th birthday we're headed to Minneapolis, more focused than ever on learning about the design and structure of information.


Our call for submissions closed on October 27, 2014. We are now looking for first-round peer reviewers, and there are loads of excellent reasons to volunteer!

In the coming months, expect announcements about keynote speakers and early bird registration. And in the meantime, you can help us spread the news about our many sponsorship opportunities.

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About the Chairs

We're an all-volunteer event, and this year's co-chairs are looking forward to seeing you in the Minneapple:


Greetings! I'm Veronica Erb.

I'm a design researcher, IA strategist, and a mean ukulele player. The web is a big, exciting place. I adore being able to take a piece and plan it, build it, and find out how to make it better.


Hi! Jessica Duverneay here.

IA at The Understanding Group (TUG), occasional artist, and recovering goth. I help people on their quest for information while fostering understanding and empowerment - extra points for laughing and learning in the process.


I'm Mike Atherton, and you're not.

Old-skool IA, teacher, and semantic fanboy. I'm giddy at what's possible when we link our information into the seamless latticework of the web, so the content can flow across channels.

We're hard at work making the 2015 IA Summit the kind of conference we'd love to attend. Whether you're an IAS veteran, curious about information architecture, or just seek help making sense of your truckloads of content, we hope you'll join the party.

It's not all work, work, work

groups eating out and singing karaoke

Taxonomists know how to party, rock, roister, revel, frolic. Our social events are a huge part of the IA Summit, where old friendships are revisited and new friendships are forged.

  • Brain full after your first day of sessions? Wind-down at the Happy Hour reception
  • Keen to channel your inner Newton-John? Get those requests in early for Karaoke with Keyboard Man
  • Whether you're more Catan or Clue, play along at the popmatic IAS Game Night
  • Walkers, runners, and early-risers can work off that cake at the Polar Bear Fun Run
  • Always popular, break bread with new friends at our hosted first-timer dinners

The IA Summit is completely volunteer-run, with operational support from ASIS&T.