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During the coming year we are aiming to make regular podcasts where we hope to begin addressing IBS-related questions presented to us by the many visitors that come to

Hopefully, in our discussions, we will be able to come up with some kind of answers, or at least suggestions of a way forward.

Three heads are better than one!
It's a well known fact that when you sit around the table and discuss something, the more people who contribute to that conversation, the more ideas will flow from the discussion.

Some call it "The wisdom of the crowd", businesses call it "brainstorming", others have different names for it, but whatever you call it, people have realised for generations that the collective opinions of a group of individuals will always yield more fruitful results than the thinking of a single individual mind.

What's Your IBS-Related question?
So if you have a nagging IBS-related question that you haven't been able to find an answer to by yourself, then feel free to send it to us using the contact form below, and we'll see if we can take a shot at it in one of our up-coming podcasts.

From "How do I visit a relative on the other side of the world" to "What kind of vehicle should I buy to cater for my IBS", we'll consider any questions that are sent to us. We'll try to address as many of these questions as we can in the up-coming podcast series, but obviously we can't guarantee that every-one's will be read out.

Medical Advice
Please bear in mind that we are NOT medically trained doctors, and are NOT allowed to give out medical advice, or tell people what medications to take etc. We can however, talk about our own experiences with IBS in relation to your IBS questions, and the things that we and others have done to address a wide spectrum of IBS-related issues ranging anywhere from social situations to dealing with IBS in our own minds.

The new podcast series will be starting shortly, Look out for the new episodes by subscribing to, or regularly checking our blog page for updates.

In the meanwhile, feel free to visit our podcast page to listen to the podcasts we have already created.

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