Meet the Team is all about the practical side of living life with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What makes it special is that it's run by a dedicated team of people who's lives are all directly (and indirectly) affected by IBS.

So, Lets meet the IBS-Life team...


Sian has lived with acute IBS for over fifteen years.

She believes it was brought on by the severe anxiety she has suffered from since the age of ten.

She has tried both prescribed medication and natural remedies to cope with the condition, but it has ruled her life, where she goes (or rather does not go) and what she does, for a long time.

She has had to give up jobs due to attacks of IBS which have left her ill for several days.

Sian's IBS affects the life of Kev in many ways (Kev is Sian's partner), since journeys, day trips and holidays have become insurmountable problems.

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Rick has had severe IBS for many years, and his life is pretty much dictated by it.

His niche on is more towards the psychological effects of IBS as it is a more dominant part of his general IBS issues.

His one restbyte from IBS is his van that allows him to make journeys without the usual stresses involved in traveling with IBS His areas of interest include some of the more metaphysical healing and self-help subjects. Rick has known Sian since childhood (he grew up with her younger brother as best friends) and teamed up with Kev in 2006 through their shared interest in amateur filmmaking.

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Kev hspace=

Kev is the only member of the IBS-Life team who doesn't actually have IBS.

What he hopes to share with you is the perspective of living 'indirectly' with the condition due to the fact that his partner is Sian, and he works with Rick.

He'll tell you about how his every-day life is affected and the changes he's had to make to accommodate being constantly around sufferers of IBS.

Kev’s special interests lie in all aspects of positive thinking, self improvement, and stress management.

He will offer valuable advice on how principles of self-help and self improvement can benefit people with IBS.

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