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Friday, March 14, 2014

DxO Crowns RED DRAGON with Highest Sensor Score Ever

The digital cinema camera beat out all competition with a record score of 101 points

For the first time ever, a digital cinema camera has been tested alongside leading stills cameras in the independent DxO Mark sensor rating database – and it beat out all of the competition with a record score of 101 points. Results from the new RED DRAGON sensor make one thing clear: the line between cinema and photography has been officially blurred, if not erased.

DxO praised the new DRAGON sensor, noting that it had “the highest color sensitivity ever measured” and complimented the “very clean looking files” that could be captured safely at ISO 3000. The data DxO Mark provides offers a detailed comparison of image quality using RAW files taken from over 250 different cameras. Information which is then processed and rated based on performance.

Sensor characteristics tested include:
  • Color Depth
  • Dynamic Range
  • Low-Light ISO

  • DRAGON excelled in all three categories. Convergence of motion capture and stills photography has arrived. RED DRAGON has proven to be an all-in-one tool that combines the finest 6K cinema footage with the best high frame rate 19MP stills imagery. DxO explains the significance of such an advancement:

    The ability to choose a high quality still photo from a movie sequence will be invaluable to time-pressured imaging professionals, in the studio or elsewhere. While this will take some time to filter down to consumer level HD-DSLRs, this new technology just may forever change the way both footage and stills are shot in the future.

    DxO Labs started as an image processing software company, providing tools for correcting optical aberrations, lens distortions, and fall off from vignetting. Based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, a team of imaging experts meticulously test both sensors and lenses to provide custom-tuned correction profiles for a wide range of equipment. But instead of keeping this data for themselves, DxO Labs has made the results public on DxOmark.com for all to see.

    With the recent release of A.D.D. (Advance Dragon Debayer) found in the new REDCINE-X PRO (BETA VERSION), still images can reach an even higher level of quality than initially tested. This new addition offers improvements in noise floor and processes everything at the highest degree possible by leveraging all information contained in DRAGON R3Ds. In just the past 7 years, RED has redefined the status quo and made 4K+ cinema and television a reality. Now, RED is doing the same for stills.

    Visit DxO’s webpage to learn more about how they find their sensor scores and see the results of their testing for yourself.


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