Anastasia Kuznetsova Ruf




Anastasia Kuznetsova Ruf born i Moscow in 1983. Graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts in 2001.
2003 graduation from Moscow Institute of the Problems of Modern Art
2007 graduation with distinction from Moscow State Academic Institute
2007-2008 Scholarship from the Minsistry of Culture of the Russian Federation
2008 Awarded gold medal from the Russian Academy of Arts.
2004 personal exhibition in Administration of the President of the Russian Federation
2005 ”Speaks Moscow. Time to be together” The Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin
2007 ”Young artists of Russia” the Central House of the Artist, Moscow
2007 ”IV All-Russia Competition of young artists of P.M. Tretjakova; the State Tretjakovsky Gallery (winner)
2009 ”The young palette of Moscow”, s showroom of the Majoralty of Moscow)
2009 ”Swedish family”, the Moscom Museum of Modern Art (within the limits of III Moscow biennal of modern art)
2010 “Svenska familjen”, Uppsala konstmuseum, Sweden
2010 “Take Conttrol”, Galleri Agardh & Tornvall, Stockholm
2011 XVI Moscow Contemporary Art Fair, Manege, Moscow
Art Anglais Contemporary Art Fair, Stockholm
2012 “Sacrifice”, Orelansky Gallery, Amsterdam
2Take Control”, 3rd Moscow Int´l Biennale for Young Art, MSCMMA
2013 “Born to crawl and fly”, Russian Museum, St Petersburg
“Do not miss”, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
At the Warehouse, Rotterdam
“PORTRAIT NOW” Competition Museum of Modern Art Erarta St. Petersburg (winner)
2013 “Portræt Nu!” The National Museum of Frederiksborg, Denmark
“PORTRÄTT NU!!” Museum of Art, Ljungby, Sweden Ljungby, Sweden
“Art Moscow”, Contemporary Art Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2014 Personal exhibition “Don’t miss”, Galleri Agardh & Tornvall, Stockholm