E20s summit feb 2014
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E20s summit feb 2014

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  • 1. Social, to raise engagement Culture change in practice in a traditional industry Celine Schillinger Charter Member, Change Agents WW Stakeholder Engagement, Sanofi Pasteur February 2014
  • 2. What is Change Agents Worldwide? We are a learning and project resource for forward-thinking 21st Century Enterprise leaders. We maintain a network of independent consultants and enterprise-based professionals dedicated to bringing about the future of work for large institutions resulting in step changes in productivity, employee engagement, customer experience, innovation, and growth. Social Network Learning Community Discover and Join Learn and Share Project Platform Access Talent, Collaborate on Work and Change Successfully
  • 3. Sanofi Pasteur Sanofi Pasteur? 1897 1985 1990 1997 1999 2004 The vaccines division of Sanofi
  • 4. A Corporate Culture Familiar With This, Not So Much With That Company Company
  • 5. But “This” Doesn’t Work Any More Internally Externally Magritte - Décalcomanie
  • 6. What Work Is Like Today* The world of work has become monotonous, joyless, and sanitized. Workers are assigned soulless tasks that are to be executed with dronelike efficiencies. Jobs are molded into obstinate competencies that are surrounded by political turf wars. Organizations are stuck in the industrial age unable to take advantage of the new networked era. *in too many organizations Scene from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil
  • 7.  Poor Internal Engagement Source: State of the Global Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders Worldwide. Gallup, October 2013 http://hbr.org/web/2013/11/workplace-engagement-around-the-world 7
  • 8. Disconnect with the Empowered Customer Business is changing. Disruption is the new normal. The service economy calls for adaptation to individual needs. Yet, companies “lose touch as they grow”. The Internet and social media has shifted power to the consumer. Disconnect between expected and actual customer experience. Street Art, Kanny Random
  • 9.  Companies Are At Risk • Constant decline of Return on Assets 75% decline in ROA among US firms since 1975* = companies need more and more resources to create value. • Shrinking lifespan of large corporations
  • 10. How to? Visual: Joachim Stroh
  • 11. Become a Social Organization Authentic Diverse Flexible De-siloed People-driven Open to change Democratic Connected Human
  • 12. In Practice: 3 Cases at Sanofi Pasteur A grass roots community connected around a cause, with a high impact A strategic relational engagement plan Internal Stakeholders External Stakeholders
  • 13. How to Make People “Want to …” Identify a common purpose EMPOWERMENT Connect with the people • One of the 3 motivation drivers at work (D. Pink) • More than science, not just emotion • At the Why level (S.Sinek) • From broadcast comms to • Framed in a narrative a conversation / co-creation • Remove bottlenecks • Learn to speak their language • KSF: diversity – of talents; – of spokespersons • A dialogue mindset Letting Go Connect people • Identify who they are, what they say, what they care for • Enable them to connect (easy-to-use beautiful digital tools, live events) • Go across silos No to: pure analytics or science-based, status-based, command & control, rigid processes. You are one of them, not above them.
  • 14. Social collaboration is NOT a long, quiet river Source: http://blog.audubonguides.com/2010/06/23/saying-so-long-to-salt-cedar/
  • 15. Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e1/Ark_white_water1101.jpg/
  • 16. What Gets in The Way Leading with technology and tools; not business purpose and people No urging by management Ignorance of social communication operation, tools and potential Social stratification Overestimation of risks Perception of intermediary bodies to be challenged National & corporate culture Command-and-control culture Complacency, conformism, groupthink Silo mindset, politics Scientific culture Information overload stress
  • 17. Kotter’s 8-Steps Leading Change in the 21st Century Organization 1. Urgency 2. Coalition 3. Vision 4. Communication 5. Empowerment 6. Momentum 7. Integration 8. Anchoring Internet map (2005, Opte project)
  • 18. A Few Things I’ve Learned • • • • • Prepare well Start from the Why Avoid focus on tools Go with baby steps Use a facilitator or external witness • Embrace politics • Understand it’s experiential • Diversity is your best friend
  • 19. Culture Change: A Framework
  • 20. Get In Touch @CelineSchill
  • 21. Image Credits • • • • • • • • • • Sl. 3-4: Sanofi Pasteur Corporate Communications Sl. 5 Magritte, Décalcomanie – via stultiferamente.blogspot.fr Sl. 6 Terry Gilliams, Brazil – via Change Agents Worldwide Sl. 8 Street Art by Kenny Random – via Change Agents Worldwide Sl. 10 Joachim Stroh Sl. 11 Bastille Day Ball – via mademoiselle-et-mister.blogspot.fr Sl. 14 San Juan river – via blog.audubonguides.com Sl. 15 White water rafting – via Wikipedia Sl. 17 Internet 2005 map – via cs.rug.nl/svcg Sl. 18 Change Agents Worldwide