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welcome to indymedia

author: maffew and manse
Nov 24, 1999 18:45

The resistance is global... a trans-pacific collaboration has brought this web site into existence.

The web dramatically alters the balance between multinational and activist media. With just a bit of coding and some cheap equipment, we can setup a live automated website that rivals the corporates. Prepare to be swamped by the tide of activist media makers on the ground in Seattle and around the world, telling the real story behind the World Trade Agreement.

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happy birthday
Posted by: andy at Nov 24, 2001 08:18

IM has been a tremendous resource for connecting to information sources, organizations and people. I just discovered this site after 9/11, but I was aware of the work of the IM people since Seattle in 1999.
It is vital to keep IM open and alive.

Posted by: rtf at Nov 24, 2001 09:38

"It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here... What better time than now!"

Two years of dreaming
Posted by: Uri Gordon at Nov 24, 2001 11:00

For the past two years, Indymedia has grown from a mere idea in the heads of a few enthusiastic innovators, to the nervous system of the global resistance to corporate power, social injustice and environmental destruction. A cyber-home for activists to keep informed, discuss the burning issues and organise their steps, Indymedia has successfully defied the mainstream media's monopoly of lies, and has given all those working for a better future a voice of their own. Having managed to open up a vital political space for all of us, Indymedia enters its third year of existence stronger, larger and better than any of us could have hoped. To the thousands of independent media ctivists throughout the world - keep up the good work! We all draw encouragement from you.

Open & Unstoppable
Posted by: Shane Korytko at Nov 24, 2001 14:05

The indymedia framework -- open, free sharing of information -- is long past due. John Perry Barlow, a songwriter for the Grateful Dead, wrote recently about the success of Napster and the music swapping community. There's an analogy to our information and perspective swapping community. "For ideas, fame is fortune," he said, "and nothing makes you famous faster than an audience willing to distribute your work for free."

The work done by the IMC for social change movements is truly that. In breaking down barriers, sharing ideas with friends and peers, we're creating a new front in the cultural war to commodify information and our lives. I see this front as indymedia, an on-line front working with journalism and activism at its core. Long awaited by some, and a beautiful surprise to others, the concept of a free, open, uncensored exchange of ideas is now being build in earnest, thanks to a modestly conceived but paradigm-shattering open community called indymedia.

Posted by: linda at Nov 24, 2001 15:14

Happy Birthday IMC,

Even as mainstream media ignores this vast and expanding presence of alternative media, citizens are becoming more and more dependent on these and other similar venues for their information. No better compliment could be made than noting the number of IMCs that have been established since the first one in Seattle.

Carry on, heads held high, we carry information to the people, and let their voices be heard! Amandla!

Posted by: Mike Jackson at Nov 24, 2001 18:19

Fuck-off, eat shit ,and God Bless America

Posted by: Zoe Mitchell at Nov 24, 2001 22:43

Hmmm....If only that person above appreciated the fact that Indymedia allows him to post his ridiculously unnecessary little message...Happy Birthday IMC--thanks for letting all of us be a part of the media revolution.

happy birthday
Posted by: GPY at Nov 25, 2001 07:56

70 sites. The IM family got 70 sites. In two years.
It proves two things.
First IM responded to a real need everywhere around the world in any languages.
Second, corporate medias would never have been able to grow as fast. It proves that we can do anything. Nothing can stop our movement.

Sincere congratulations to IMC from Latuff
Posted by: Latuff at Nov 25, 2001 08:56

I am better with pictures than words...but, believe me: my esteem and respect for Independent Media Center is truly sincere.

Posted by: MOTHERSKY at Nov 25, 2001 11:40

Becasuse the first step to take in today´s struggle against social injustice and human right massacres is to counteract the work of mainstream media, we need today more than ever the action of indy.

Posted by: Kelly at Nov 25, 2001 12:44

Truly Phenomenal!
What a great way to start the 21st century.
The spirit of Indymedia has spread far and wide.
And indeed comes from the ancient need to tell our stories to each other.

Posted by: Richard at Nov 25, 2001 13:17

Happy Birthday Independent Media Center We share common birthdays.Enjoy!!!!

Happy B-Day, and many more!
Posted by: cog dissonance at Nov 25, 2001 13:36

Wow, it's amazing how much this site has grown over the last 2 years. IMCs all over the world, and the main site getting what, a million hits a day during the Genoa protests? Unbelievable...
Thanks to all those hard-working volunteers who keep this site up and functioning. And that cartoon by Latuff is absolutely perfect! Nicely done.

Happy Birthday Indymedia
Posted by: Bill at Nov 25, 2001 16:00

Thank you for allowing all of us to post our feelings and thoughts here. May you have many more wonderful birthdays like this.

Happy Birthday
Posted by: ecstatic at Nov 26, 2001 08:56

Happy Birthday Indymedia. This site has been my number one news source for the past year. I have recommended to all my friends, even my university professors recommend it my class. This is an example of how the internet should be used to express new ideas and free information from the filters of profit seeking corporations. Not only is the coverage in depth and well organized, but the aritcles are written at a calibre that blows away any corporate media. I can't express how important this site is, I wish you the best and keep up the excellent work.

Happy Birthday IMC
Posted by: mike flugennock at Nov 26, 2001 09:21

May you live a thousand years,
May you chug a thousand beers,
Get plastered, you...baaaaaad boys,
Happy Birthday to you!

Internet Archive!
Posted by: Doug at Nov 26, 2001 09:45

I went and checked in the Internet Archive at:

It's too bad they only started cataloging Indymedia on Aug 15th 2000, I would have liked to see the original again.

This is what the archive has from Aug 15th:

Viva Indymedia
Posted by: Ryan at Nov 26, 2001 09:50

To all the hard-working activists who have put in countless hours all over the world working on setting up, maintaining, writing for, taking pictures, audio, video for indymedia sites, thank you so much!
I don't even read corporate news anymore, except for laughs. ( does kind of read like The Onion, ya know).
Let's all keep up the good work and continue the struggle for justice!

Happy Birthday
Posted by: dave bonan at Nov 26, 2001 13:40

happy birthday. you are included in my newspaper section "The Under-Reported Newswire" under world news for this special event.

Mad Hatters IMC (Danbury, CT)

Happy Birthday IMC
Posted by: JAy at Nov 26, 2001 13:57

Happy Birthday! May we piss in the face of CNN for many years to come!
The whole world is watching!

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right . . and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers." -- John Adams

hope for peace
Posted by: ronen at Nov 26, 2001 14:16

On Saturday we, three indymedia volunteers from IMC Israel met with a group of Palestinians from Bethlehem who are interested starting indymedia Palestine. We had to sneak into Bethlehem and make sure we were not caught both from the Israeli and Palestinian army patrols.
We discussed technical issues and also content. We all agreed that we have to make a big effort to work together. All of us are not optimistic from the situation but we all took very big risks in order to get a Palestinian indymedia site on the net. We are still a minority but there are still many Israelis and Palestinians that believe that by getting information out, by letting each side know what people on the other side think and feel, There is still hope. Indymedia is part of this hope and the importance of a democratic and free publishing web site is priceless.

One in the the eye for corporate media
Posted by: grateful at Nov 26, 2001 15:02

its difficult to put into words, how important indymedia
has been for me and i see above, many i wont.But i will say when the rest of the developed world getw 'wired'we will be ***** unstoppable!

Indymedia we salute you all...

Grattis på 2 årsdagen!
Posted by: sara at Nov 26, 2001 15:22

As a member, volunteer, observer, and participant of this amazing, subversive and open news- and discussion network I wish Happy Birthday to all Indymedia Centers!
Also, as a geek grrrl, I proudly present a small but oh so exciting birthday present, now being created by amazing women inside and outside the Indymedia :
# ###### #### # #
Eclectic Tech Carnival
# # ## ##### # # # # # ##

Together we move the world.

greetz | sara

Thanks, everyone
Posted by: Jay at Nov 26, 2001 17:35

Time for a little self-congratulations, eh? Well why the heck not? Thanks, everyone who has been involved in this project since its inception, for your insight, dedication, vision, effort, intent and results. We have made many mistakes and I'm sure we'll make more, but we've also done some things right, some very important things, and how often in life do you get a chance to say that? Like my namesake above I'm glad we're able to provide a place for those who don't get a chance to be heard on CNN to tell their own stories. May we always continue to provide that opportunity, and may that opporunity continue to empower people to take action in whatever way they can to make their world a better place.

Happy birthday, Maoist Media Center!
Posted by: H.C. Andersen at Nov 26, 2001 17:44

After Z Magazine, you've probably become the second biggest mouthpiece for the paranoid Chomsky-Mumia left. Congradulations!

Honestly, I can't say you're much better than the "corporate media." This website reads like Pravda; anything that flies in the face of your belief that capitalism is destructive and racism is a big problem is safely ignored. I also find your reporting on the anticapitalist riots amusing; apparantly, if some police try to do their job and protect property from tens of thousands of socialist/anarchist ideologues, it's "police brutality."

Guys, I think I'll stick to CNN and Fox News until you create your own 'balance' by letting conservatives on board. You're for 'media democracy' and 'equal representation', aren't you? If that's the case, then you should take steps to ensure that 50% of your reporters and writers are Republicans.

Ja, må hon leva uti hundrade år!
Posted by: celle at Nov 26, 2001 18:12

Yes, may she live in a houndred years! (Sorry, I´m no good at tanslating) The Swedish Radio, unknowingly, participated in the congratulations, as well, by airing a somewhat oldish interview.

Happy Birththday to all IndyMedia Centers around the World!!!


Thank you
Posted by: Jeremy C at Nov 26, 2001 19:30

thank you for giving us real news for the past two years!
Happy birthday and many more!

IMC.. the greatest site on the web
Posted by: Julia at Nov 26, 2001 19:49

To everyone behind IMC.. sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

To everyone who supports IMC.. may our message spread and may we reach the '100th' monkey.

Despite corporate media, despite corporate slaves... our message IS growing and people ARE becoming more aware.

EVERYONE needs a voice.. IMC not only gives voice to those of us who are usually gagged, it unites us.... what a wonderful forum - Energetic, forward thinking and innovative.

May the force be with you!

Viva la Revolution!!

Happy Birthday from Madison
Posted by: John Hamilton at Nov 26, 2001 20:09

Happy birthday from the Independent Media Center of Madison, Wisconsin -

Let's continue to build indymedia - to improve our delivery and to grow.

A Knot of Resistance Against the Lie
Posted by: Xochitl <Esc> at Nov 26, 2001 22:07

Happy Birthday IMC. Thanks to older siblings who inspired, spawned, midwived, and cuddled this toddler-Z Mag, FAIR, Open Media, Paper Tiger, Media Island, Free Speech, Open Media, Active, SIMC, Citizen Vagrom, just to name a tiny few... As we look ahead toward the next two centuries, let's take a second to re-consider this challenge to us that came not two but four years ago from our true friend in the jungles of Lacandon:


...A global decomposition is taking place, we call it the Fourth World War--neoliberalism: the global economic process to eliminate that multitude of people who are not useful to the powerful-- the groups called "minorities" in the mathematics of power, but who happen to be the majority population in the world. We find ourselves in a world system of globalization willing to sacrifice millions of human beings.

The giant communication media: the great monsters of the television industry, the communication satellites, magazines, and newspapers seem determined to present a virtual world, created in the image of what the globalization process requires.

In this sense, the world of contemporary news is a world that exists for the VIP's-- the very important people. Their everyday lives are what is important: if they get married, if they divorce, if they eat, what clothes they wear and what clothes they take off-- these major movie stars and big politicians. But common people only appear for a moment-- when they kill someone, or when they die. For the communication giants and the neoliberal powers, the others, the excluded, only exist when they are dead, or when they are in jail or court. This can't go on. Sooner or later this virtual world clashes with the real world. And that is actually happening: this clash produces results of rebellion and war throughout the entire world, or what is left of the world to even have war.

We have a choice: we can have a cynical attitude in the face of the media, to say that nothing can be done about the dollar power that creates itself in images, words, digital communication, and computer systems that invades not just with an invasion of power, but with a way of seeing that world, of how they think the world should look. We could say, well, "that's the way it is" and do nothing. Or we can simply assume incredulity: we can say that any communication by the media monopolies is a total lie. We can ignore it and go about our lives.

But there is a third option that is neither conformity, nor skepticism, nor distrust: that is to construct a different way-- to show the world what is really happening-- to have a critical world view and to become interested in the truth of what happens to the people who inhabit every corner of this world.The work of independent media is to tell the history of social struggle in the world, and here in North America-- the US, Canada and Mexico, independent media has, on occasion, been able to open spaces even within the mass media monopolies: to force them to acknowledge news of other social movements.

The problem is not only to know what is occurring in the world, but to understand it and to derive lessons from it-- just as if we were studying history- - a history not of the past, but a history of what is happening at any given moment in whatever part of the world. This is the way to learn who we are, what it is we want, who we can be and what we can do or not do.

By not having to answer to the monster media monopolies, the independent media has a life work, a political project and purpose: to let the truth be known. This is more and more important in the globalization process. This truth becomes a knot of resistance against the lie. It is our only possibility to save the truth, to maintain it, and distribute it, little by little, just as the books were saved in Fahrenheit 451--in which a group of people dedicated themselves to memorize books, to save them from being destroyed, so that the ideas would not be lost.

This same way, independent media tries to save history: the present history-- saving it and trying to share it, so it will not disappear, moreover to distribute it to other places, so that this history is not limited to one country, to one region, to one city or social group. It is necessary not only for independent voices to exchange information and to broaden the channels, but to resist the spreading lies of the monopolies. The truth that we build in our groups, our cities, our regions, our countries, will reach full potential if we join with other truths and realize that what is occurring in other parts of the world also is part of human history.

In August 1996, we called for the creation of a network of independent media, a network of information. We mean a network to resist the power of the lie that sells us this war that we call the Fourth World War. We need this network not only as a tool for our social movements, but for our lives: this is a project of life, of humanity, humanity which has a right to critical and truthful information.


.... Subcomandante Marcos, statement videotaped in the mountains of Chiapas, Southeast Mexico, and delivered to the Media & Democracy Congress, New York City, January 31 & February 1 1997.

Thanks to the movement for IMC
Posted by: dan at Nov 26, 2001 22:43

I've been involved with the sf-imc since it's beginnings in Feb 2000. I have been video taping since Novemeber 1999. I have been involved with alternative media for thirty years and nothing has been more rewarding then being a volunteer video activist/grassroots journalist for IMC.

Thanks to all of us who are making this happen.

are you really ready?
Posted by: seth at Nov 27, 2001 00:49

stop buying gas. yes that means no more internal combustion, stop paying taxes um hm that means stop buying in stores that require you to pay a tax also do not pay taxes out of your pay check. impossible you say? well what then, what now so its easier to get the news now less am radio and waiting for periodicals to come but what now? are you really ready? here comes christmas whos buying gifts? I need to get to work in the morning better fill up the tank,get some chemical coffee and go go go whos really ready to stop?

Down with the man!
Posted by: ZachZodiac at Nov 27, 2001 00:54

This site is great! No more do I have to rely on traditional and often biased news sources. This site is visited at least once a week by me!

birthday greetings from, austria
Posted by: barin at Nov 27, 2001 01:13

happy birthday from austria!!!

thanks for the founder of the page.
its one of the most important instruments of the digital resistance which we have.


H.C. Anderson
Posted by: Isacc at Nov 27, 2001 01:21

Hey Mr Anderson.

You may have noticed that your comments appear on this website. How much anticapitalist sentiment do you see on CNNs website?

Happy BDay IMC!
Posted by: SMTD at Nov 27, 2001 04:54

I wish to thank and show my gratitude for the people involved in Independent Media all around the world. It's not perfect, but it works!!

Show Me The Democracy
-- Sometimes I see it

keep up the great work
Posted by: Tom at Nov 27, 2001 07:11

don't always agree with what people say on IMC or the way they say it. but that's democracy for you.
hears to the next 200 years!

Posted by: christoff at Nov 27, 2001 07:32

i am very excited at the extent that indymedia has grown and become an uncompromising resource for the radical edges of our society. let's keep the edge alive.

Zorionak IMC
Posted by: Kalimotxo at Nov 27, 2001 08:48

Happy Birthday IMC. You are a dream come true, one of the many to came. At least for thouse with no voice in mainstream media. I will be sending my donation to contribute to your independence.

Well done IMC’s volunteers and contributors.

(“Zorionak” is Happy Birthday in Basque).

Posted by: SHIV MALIK at Nov 27, 2001 09:00

WOW---->> We are all the parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters who nurtured this child and look what it has grown into! An amazing sum of more than just it's parts. You could walk the second you were born so we nourished you and then you could walk a few minutes after then it only took a few days before you yourself began to teach us so much more in more languages than we ourselves could speak...

Posted by: martin at Nov 27, 2001 10:36

It has only been 2 years and imc is the greatest(in my opion) media source there is. Imagin 5 years, WOW.
stay alert!

We are Winning
Posted by: A3M at Nov 27, 2001 11:48

I notice the numbers of global posts is 96,000 and rising...2 years, 50 cities,
coming soon to ...........nearer to you

At every possible occasion, by all available means

And many more....!!!
Posted by: James at Nov 27, 2001 11:49

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be digitized.

Thank you so much IMC!

Happy Birthday from Greece, too
Posted by: Ecologists of Chios, Greece at Nov 27, 2001 12:35

Happy happies!

Posted by: ronald J at Nov 27, 2001 17:59

many thanks to the creators and contributors of IMC
I hope it grows in size and expands to more forms of media.
the one real example of a 'global village', it provides seekers of peace, freedom and democracy( along with annoying patriots and conspiracy theorists) to speak their views, spread important news, and rally for political actions.

Hard to believe...
Posted by: D. Theriot-Orr at Nov 27, 2001 18:19

... that it has been two years since IMC was birthed by a group of committed visonaries, inspired by many who came before.

Hard to believe that two years ago the WTO was gearing up for what many thought would be a ho-hum little conference; all the pundits jumping all over each other to say how successful the conference was going to be-- the "TINA" mentality -- There Is No Alternative.

Little did they know that a little website that could would broadcast the utter failure of the conference to eager companeras around the globe.

And the little website grew...

first to a few cities on the east coast...

then to europe...


and onward...


U N B E L I E V E A B L E !

And beautiful.

But, amongst all this, I have a note of caution.

The internet is a powerful medium, no doubt about that. However, the internet is only accessible to a small fraction of the world's population. In all of our efforts, we cannot forget to continue to utilize the full range of activist technologies -- zines, phone trees, photography exhibits, pamphlets, video projects, and so on. I fear that we are becoming too reliant on email and web-based communication in a time where only a privileged few have access to these tools.

In closing, to paraphrase Tom Hayden:

"It is not enough for us to decrease the rate of destruction... we must increase the rate of creation!"

Tom Hayden
In front of King County Jail
Seattle, WA
Dec. '99

Thanks to the best media service on Earth
Posted by: Journalism Student at Nov 27, 2001 22:08

Without Indymedia the issues surrounding the Unacol role in the proposed Afghan pipeline would have had a hard time getting the coverage it did.

Indymedia alone covered China and Russia's part in the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation which places these countries in direct competition with the USA and its allies over Afghanistans oil and gas.

It's really interesting to watch Bush and Putin dance around each other in the light of that information (mostly ignored by the mainstream media.) One wonders what concessions, or threats, were exchanged in their meeting on the Bush family ranch.

Russian troops have made a base in Kabul for the first time in over a decade, and despite the pleasent burbling from the mainstream media about the diplomatic talks in Bonn deciding the makeup of a future Afghan government the reality on the ground has been marked by skirmishes from different "factions" in the "United" Front or Northen Alliance. The real picture in Afghanistan is far more complex and murky than the one presented in the tabloids or the nightly news.

Because of this Indymedia has taken a vital role which amplifies and extends the one it undertook in 1999, the preservation of history from those who would simplify world events to the black and white propaganda morality play that is promoted by the mainstream media.

Thanks to the people who made all this possible, you have helped preserve real history for future generations, and that is the greatest service a journalist can extend to their community.

Greetings from NYC IMC
Posted by: John Tarleton at Nov 27, 2001 23:20

Happy Birthday Indeed!

Born in clouds of tear gas and a hail of rubber bullets, the IMC has been an incredible undertaking. There's so much love and dedication. I've worked in busy corporate newsrooms and it doesn't compare. What the IMCistas sometimes lack in polish and sophistication, they make up for with their passion and courage.

I worry for the movement that IMC sprung up with. Who doesn't these days? But, it gives me much hope to see the IMC network continuing to grow and flourish. It's crucial that the local IMCs continue to sink roots in the communities where they are located. Going to the big protests is exhilirating. But, what we do in the time between is the real measure of how far we've come.

It's also essential that we be self-critical enough to perceive our own limitations and biases. The Left has a long, sad history of self-delusion. With the possibilities that IMC opens up for continuous global dialogue, maybe we can avoid some past mistakes.

Anyway, we're staying busy here in New York and look forward to seeing many of our fellow IMCistas when the World Economic Forum meets in NYC at the end of January.

Ever Onward,

John Tarleton

justin sane(AF) wrote this
Posted by: zurikate at Nov 28, 2001 15:58

hey happy b-day. my fave band wrote this song, and it is my present for you .
The national media cover clinton /lewinsky
while the world's governments sell out millions on the issue of free trade
But somewhere in the night -a force is not asleep
and a massive organization plans to rise up to its feet...
it happens like this...

A pirate radio voice transmits into the night
and from D.C to peking email warns of lost global rights
and the hoax the world's leaders , wanted no one to see
comes crashing on their heads from grassroots -striking it down
The blows coming for the world's

Underground network -alternative comunication
corporate media can't keep us beat down , brainwashed , enslaved
'cause of our underground network -alternative comunication

They try to blind us but we ...
stand up and fight! stand up and fight!
They try to keep us ignorant but we...
stand up and fight! stand up and fight!
They try to take our rights away so...
stand up and fight! , fight...!

Just take a look around the world , and you're going to find that nearly all mass media are owned and controlled by a handful of conservative capitalists.
We must devise and implement alternative methods of distributing our news, our information , our ideas-people worldwide working together to take a stand , to tell the truth!!!

1999 seattle images
Posted by: Cristina Carneiro at Sep 08, 2002 22:07

I´m looking for 1999 seattle protest images related to OGMs. Where can I find it?

Origins of Indymedia's coding
Posted by: Sydney volunteer at Nov 27, 2002 09:00

Just thought i'd mention that the origins of the trans-Pacific collaboration were born out of the Sydney activist group Catalyst's (to which Maffew belonged) combination of coding and activism which provided the initial background coding for future imc's .

Origins of Indymedia's coding
Posted by: Sydney volunteer at Nov 27, 2002 09:02

Just thought i'd mention that the origins of the trans-Pacific collaboration were born out of the Sydney activist group Catalyst's (to which Maffew belonged) combination of coding and activism which provided the initial background coding for future imc's .

Origins of Indymedia's coding
Posted by: Sydney volunteer at Nov 27, 2002 09:05

Just thought i'd mention that the origins of the trans-Pacific collaboration were born out of the Sydney activist group Catalyst's (to which Maffew belonged) combination of coding and activism which provided the initial background coding for future imc's .

Happy birthday !!
Posted by: turlututu at Nov 29, 2003 03:27

That's not 4 candles that we must blow, but a hundreds for all imc which exists and those to come.
Indymedia has been able, during 4 years, to develop, exploit new technologies advisedly and open new ways of information and communication. Faithful to its principles, indymedia has been able to stay combative, while being used as relays for the social fights and especially by giving the voice to excluded of media.

I have only one thing to say: long life to indymedia !


Ce n'est pas 4 bougies que nous devons souffler, mais des centaines pour tous les imc existants et ceux à venir.
Indymedia a su, en l'espace de 4 ans, se développer, exploiter des nouvelles technologies à bon escient et ouvrir de nouvelles voies de l'information et de communication. Fidèle à ses principes, indymedia a su rester combatif, en servant de relais pour les luttes sociales et surtout en donnant la voix aux exclus médiatiques.

Je n'ai qu'une chose và dire : longue vie à indymedia !

oh yeah
Posted by: mike at Mar 14, 2004 10:05

seattle indy is still around!!!! a few changes, but its not dead just yet~

Posted by: ILF at Nov 19, 2004 16:14

last post

happy 5th birthday
Posted by: someone from germany at Nov 29, 2004 11:06

...and many more to come!!! :-)

Happy 5th birthday
Posted by: inspiral at Nov 29, 2004 20:41

Still going strong... the challenges are great, the events we've covered have been heart-breaking, earth-shattering, anger-inducing, wonderful and joy-inspiring. We are the people and with time, energy and collaboration we can make a difference...

Posted by: Josh at Nov 30, 2004 15:05

Five years after Seattle, and here we are. Ahead of then, behind then, who knows. But we're still alive, and give thankd for that. Give thanks for the IMC and the IMcistas around the world.


viva revolution
Posted by: aaaa at Nov 18, 2005 21:26

it's on the way

happy birthday, indymedia!
Posted by: alex at Nov 24, 2005 09:35

X 0 0 X
X | | X
X ____|___|____ X
X 0 |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~| 0 X
X | | | | X
X ___|__|___________|___|__ X
X |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/| X
X 0 | H a p p y | 0 X
X | |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/| | X
X __|___|_______________________|___|__ X
X |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/| X
X | | X
X | B i r t h d a y! ! ! | X
X | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | X
X |___________________________________| X

wtf should that be, alex? :)
Posted by: mad at Nov 24, 2005 10:29

happy bday im :D but what should that föasjpdfa0u402u402 be? :D

Posted by: and at Nov 25, 2005 10:11

the struggle continues.. ;)


dont hate the media, be the media! join your local imc (and black bloc, haha)

Parabéns a Indymedia Center!
Posted by: Denis at Nov 25, 2005 15:08

Parabéns a Indymedia Center! Quem diria, em todos os cantos do mundo, uma rede de mídia alternativa... se soubessem que falo do interior do Brasil, lugar onde muitos se quer imaginam que tenha internet... A resistência é global e esta em cada recanto do planeta onde alguém é oprimido.

Happy Birthday!!!
Posted by: marco at Dec 04, 2005 13:31

I started helping out around A16.
Realized right away I was becoming a workerbee
next to something very profound.
Let's keep busy and get others busy.
Many hands make light work!!!


Very happy birthday
Posted by: Prom ((i)) Mexico at Dec 07, 2005 21:01

Hey, IMC partners, have a very happy (and full of struggles to win) birthday. Its 6 years old of counter-information and subversion. Do not surrender.

Posted by: £ at Feb 14, 2006 19:12

there are three prior comments that are outside of the editorial policy and should be removed (-: