A Real Life Changing Experience for a Child with Autism

I am in the process of preparing the data on the first several hundred children I have observed with GcMAF therapy for elevated nagalase activity.  The preliminary data is extraordinary. But not everyone who thinks they understand GcMAF therapy gets it. Many are using hugely too much and hurting children in the process. Please don’t overdose the children – if you are using the right GcMAF it takes very little to help. Our process involves homeopathic activation using classical techniques.  And when our techniques are used properly this is what we are hearing from the families so often.

Dear Dr. Bradstreet,

What has happened to my child? Could it be that it was only a few months ago that my little boy preferred sitting alone at the computer or lining up toy cars and planets in his room? It seems like it’s been a lifetime. Now, I look at my happy, interactive, responsive, 6 year-old child with amazement.

“J” began using GcMAF since 27 weeks ago and we noticed changes for the better almost out of the starting gate. Only 3 weeks in, my son asked to ride his bike. My husband and I looked at each other with dread. Unfortunately, in the recent past it took all three of us to make that bike go. My husband and I would use our hands to push his feet on the pedals while one of us attempted to steer. It was a backbreaking ordeal. Our son just couldn’t coordinate the mechanics of it. But, not this time…he jumped on that bike and rode all over the neighborhood. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Could it be the GcMAF? We just weren’t sure.

The IEP meeting was scheduled. We were just 4 weeks into the new school year and 4 weeks into using GcMAF. The teacher presented me with written work from the beginning of the year, then placed Jayden’s most recent work alongside it. Surely, it was from two different children. The earlier writing was erratic, with one letter written over top of the other, it was disproportionate, and trailed sloppily down the edge of the page. His recent work was neat, orderly, and consistently sized. It was even on the line. The teacher started gushing about his performance. He was starting to read and was learning full curriculum kindergarten academics. He was specifically excelling in math. Everyone around the conference table verbally gave each other a high-five for their achievement. “Now hold on,” I interrupted, “the success must primarily be attributed to the biomedical approach and the diet that we’ve implemented.” I gave them a brief explanation and we left the meeting feeling excited for what the future might hold.

It was not a steady climb up the staircase, however. We experienced some regression following dental surgery, but quickly got back on track (by resuming GcMAF).

Previously, I had a difficult time getting my son to respond when I called out his name. He would run out into the street without looking, if I didn’t stop him. He was able to parrot back canned answers to rehearsed questions. Now, here we are, 6 months later, and my son’s cognition has exploded. He laughs at jokes and is able to tell his own. He has started to ask and answer questions cognitively. He initiates and organizes the family during playtime activities. Recently, while in the pool, he touched his Dad’s hair and said, “Nice haircut, Dad.” At breakfast, after drinking his juice he asked, “Was that mango juice? I wanted pear juice.” The morning after I went to see a show he awoke and said, “Good morning Mommy. How was the show?” Just 2 months ago, a van from a local karate school brought children to the playground that we were at. My son was excited to play and ran over to a boy and gave him a two-handed chest shove. I apologized and quickly led him away before he got a karate chop. Just last week, we went back to that same playground. I watched nervously as “J” ran over to a group of three boys. I heard him say, “Come on guys, let’s play. Chase me!” And, you know what…they did! My boy led this group of “normal” boys all over that playground. One of the boys asked him what was his name. He told him, “My name is J***.” As I glanced around at the other parents scattered about the playground I wondered if I was the only one there who saw a miracle that day.

My son did experience some symptoms while using GcMAF. There was occasional regressive stimming, a rare fever up to 102, a few shooting head pains with sensitivity to light that lasted for only a few seconds, and he was often tired. But, those symptoms were easily lost in the shadows of the exceptional gains that we were experiencing.

The best part about GcMAF is that Jayden now frequently and spontaneously speaks those words, that for years, I’d longed to hear, “I love you, Mommy.” And, if that’s not a good enough reason to stick your kid with a needle 27 times, I don’t know what is.

Dr. Bradstreet, there are no words adequate enough to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for everything that you’ve done for “J”. Thank you for including us in your personal journey of discovery and healing. God bless you and your family.


Dr. Bradstreet’s #1 Fan

About Dr Bradstreet
Dr Bradstreet is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and received his residency training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. He is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature on subjects of autism, oxidative stress, mitochondrial disorders, virology, hyperbaric oxygen, and toxicology (especially heavy metal chelation). He is trained in the the isolation and use of stem cells.

4 Responses to A Real Life Changing Experience for a Child with Autism

  1. Carole Chorba says:

    Mom states, “We experienced some regression following dental surgery”. Could this regression be caused by the anasthetic given for sedation? My son had same after anaesthsia for MRI,
    dental surgery and PET scans. He took a long time to get back to base line, despite loading him up with Vit C and glutathione.
    C Chorba, R.N.
    Young adult son with PDDNOS, TS, Severe PANDAS

  2. Ann millan says:

    As Robin’s mom, my fine-tuning of her autism is very different than most people, I assume. Robin was on GcMAF for six months. Her Nagalase enzyme scores went from 3.60 to 1.60. She is forty-one years old, lives in her own condo, drives her own car, has two jobs and a boy friend.  Robin is diagnosed with classic autism, intellectual, language, and visual disabilities! We have been a patient of Dr. Bradstreet’s for over ten years, and Robin’s success is because of his interventions.

    At first glance on the GcMAF I actually think I saw more anxiety. Admittedly, this increased anxiety could be from extending her hours, as a cashier, at Publix (16 to 38 hours a week). My personal goals with the GcMAF were for Robin to gain control of her obsession with food, manage her money, and be able to add the increased working hours to her routine. (I don’t expect much!)

    Months went by, talking with Dr. Bradstreet monthly, and all of us hanging in there, for Robin. I decided to stop the GcMAF for a couple of months, but knowing we still needed to get her score below 1.0.  Today 2 ½ months later I can report the exciting things that have happened for Robin.

    The compulsive obsession with food is gone! Gone! Previously, Robin could only have food in her condo for one day at a time. All of her groceries came to my house, and I’d give her one day’s supply at a time. This even included condiments. She’d eat the whole jar in one sitting so I’d provide two Tablespoon at a time; i.e. mayonnaise, salad dressing ketchup, mustard, salsa, whatever.  Because of this, Robin could not have any money in her purse. Her grocery shopping would be $50 a day of candy bars, sodas, ice cream, etc. I knew she could not control herself. Believe me, I’ve used every behavior option available. These behaviors, money and food, were limiting Robin’s independent living and I felt very defeated. I believed this was an autism behavior I could not help her win.

    My first awareness of GcMAF success was when Robin stopped by after work for food. I gave her a fruit drink and put GF pretzels on the table for us to share. We visited. As time went by, I realized she was not grabbing for the pretzels, as usual. Her behavior was appropriate. I was shocked. Today she is saying, “I think I’ll take the rest of this home for lunch” when eating.  These instances are now happening daily. It is obvious to me that something incredible has happened and it is a very big change!

    Anxiety, however, was still very high. We have been arguing a lot lately over trivia and I’ve seen more frustration and anger in normal every day things. We’ve changed and adjusted some of her language therapy thinking that was the problem . . . and that certainly contributed; however, I have come to realize ‘I am the problem.’  Robin needs more control. The last couple of weeks, I’ve ‘taken a breath’ and stepped back. We have intelligently discussed added responsibility and assertiveness, with success, and she is taking the lead. She takes food home for several days at a time. I do not monitor what she takes. The same with her money. In addition, she is cheerful, seems more relaxed, and handling stress better in her life. An example of stress is a $1,500 bill for car repair she has to pay.

    Thanks Dr. B. She’s going to make it after all. We’re ready to drop those extra points.

    Probably your longest and oldest patient


  3. Holly says:

    are you having sucess with older children and GcMAf? Do you recommend all children do gluten free with this. We did it for years and were very strict with it for about 2 1/2 years now my son eats everything and has good weight and height and I do not notice any difference in him if he is gluten.casein free or when he is on regular diet expcept he is much happier on the regular diet.

  4. Lilly says:

    Dr Bradstreet, you say “Our process involves homeopathic activation using classical techniques.” Can you tell us more about that? Do you do it yourself or order “homeopathic GcMAF” already prepared? What is “activation” and what are “classical techniques”? Thanks!

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