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On October 14/27, 2000, the Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia issued an Epistle "to the Beloved Children of the Church in the Homeland and in the Diaspora." It evoked immediate and sustained response and comment from all around the globe from those who voiced concerns about the apparent changes to the traditional stand of the ROCA. Below are some of these responses and related articles that have been translated into English.

This page has last been updated on: 9/4/06 Since October of 2000 no change or calming statement has been issued from Synod headquarters... only threats , suspensions and the banning of ALL of the First Hierarch's statements as "Anti -sobor".

To date four Bishops and His Eminence Metropolitan Vitaly have come out publically and renounced certain aspects of this ill advised Sobor. In spite of this fact, recent Synodal statements have only dismissed any "questioning of the decisions" to the work of "enemies of the Church and "provocateurs." From this it is clear that the remaining Bishops have the inability to stand up to Archbishop Mark of Berlin or that they fully agree with this move towards "World Orthodoxy."

"Now, following numerous protests by clergy and laity, alike, it has become clear that the Year 2000 Bishops’ Sobor itself was not a sobor, in the full sense of the word. A bishop at a sobor represents not only himself, personally, but also his flock. At a sobor, he must also, in some sense, represent his predecessors on the cathedra, as well, being both an exemplary associate and a colleague of the apostles on the cathedra..."

Below are all known translated documents in English pertaining to this event in the History of the Church Abroad. They span a variety of sources from official releases to personal opinion, to views from the press services of the Patriarchate of Moscow and secular press. Monasterypress has no translators of its own . We rely totally on what we can find already posted on the internet and from the efforts of a few steadfast individuals who do have the ability of translation being greatly concerned that this information gets out to the English speaking members of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. This site is therefore not updated as frequently as the sites available in Russian. This is indeed unfortunate. The amount of material is, as one priest put it, "four times as much and ever flowing." The protests and commentary continue... we "just cannot get it translated quickly!"

For those who can read or require Russian, please use the following links to these sites with similar and more extensive information. Other sites might be available but these represent the first responses to the "New Direction" of the Church Abroad... the voices of her faithful servants who continue to hope that good order and faithfulness to Christ would be retained in the Church Abroad.



A crude machine translation service is available at http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn

For current news items please visit http://www.rocie.org

Important Notice!

This page has, for almost an entire year, served as the only forum in the English language for the voice of reason and truth regarding the events that came to a head at the October 2000 Sobor of the Church Abroad.

Our Saviour who 80 years ago had preserved the Russian Church by raising up courageous defenders to assure its preservation has, true to His promise, assured this continuance once again... Metropolitan Vitaly has reorganized a new Synod of Bishops... three previous and three newly consecrated hierarchs whose love for God exceeds that of this world. Many, in all continents, have heeded this call for continuance and stay within the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia known presently as the "Russian Orthodox Church in Exile."

We have tried for many years, lately with a fuller intensity, to "strive from within" to no avail and have no interest in polemics and strife with those who have separated from us. Therefore this page will not be updated as often once the official web site of the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile is publically on line. The content of this page will remain as an historical archive of those whose dignity, moral courage and faith would not permit themselves to remain silent in the face of organized apostasy.

Please view the article "High Treason: The Luring of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad to the Moscow Patriarchate"

... and the stars from heaven fell unto the earth... Rev 6:13

To properly understand the current crisis there are some basic documents which must be read to help understand the motivations present in the subsequent materials:

What is the position of the New Martyrs of Russia and various FirstHierarchs and Hierarchs concerning the "Patriarchate of Moscow?

The Pre, Post-Conciliar and General Epistles of Metropolitan Vitaly The Metropolitan's Response to the concerns of his flock in English and in Russian

Dialogue Between the ROCA and the MP: Why and How?

The Former Opinion of Bishop Kyrill of Seattle in Connection with the "Statement" of Archbishop Mark of Berlin (ROCOR) and Archbishop Theophan (MP) Regarding Ecclesiastical Unity. (1998) (updated 9/25/01)

"A Summary-View of the Three Previous ROCA Sobors" (A Report by P.N. Budzilovich, presented at the Sobor of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA) October 20,2000, in the City of New York, USA.)

The letter of the Synod of Bishops to the "Serbian Patriarch"

The Resolution of the October Sobor Concerning the Moscow Patriarchate

Letter to Father Roman Concerning the Origins and Status of the Moscow Patriarchate

Pastoral Address of Metropolitan Anastassy

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (Her Contemporary Significance)

The Origin of the Catacomb Church In The Soviet Union

Sergianism as an Ecclesiastical Heresy

From outside news sources of direct or related interest:


Patriarch encourage hopes of reunion (posted 11/30/01)

"Voice of the People" (posted 10/30/01)

“Russian Orthodoxy is Uniting” (posted 10/30/01)

Synod Call for Unification of Orthodox (posted 10/14/01)

The Thorny Path To Moscow (posted 8/25/01)

"Metropolitan Vitaly is no Longer the Head of the Church Abroad" (posted 7/20/01)

"Church Abroad Warms to Moscow" from The Moscow Times (posted 12/06/00)

The Orthodox Palestine Society, the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate: Who is With Whom? A Communique from Tatiana Kameneff, a member of the Orthodox Palestine Society Council in Paris dated November 22, 2000.

"Putin the Pagan!"

"Red Alert?" [Editorial] The Wall Street Journal (January 24, 2000)

Latest News In order of reception from translation.

A Revealing Interview with Archbishop Mark of Germany (Posted 08/01/02)

The Attempted Abduction of Metropolitan Vitaly ( a compilation of all previous material complete with a video in quicktime format. Updated 08/01/02)

Archbishop Mark lies to those who want to help the convent in Chile (posted3/12/02)

A Sad Reply to the Article "PATH OF THE ROCA CHURCH"
written by Archpriest Roman Lukianov 12/11/2001
(posted 2/25/02)

High Treason: The Luring of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad to the Moscow Patriarchate
A new article that must be given wide dissemination (posted 2/13/02)

Reasons for Remaining with Metropolitan Vitaly of Those Who Left the New Martyrs of Russia Church in Mulino, Oregon (posted 12/21/01)

What is in a Building? (Posted 12/21/01)

"A noteworthy phenomenon in Church life during the period under examination was the movement associated with Metropolitan Joseph (Petrify)..." (Posted 11/30/01)

Vladimir Putin Meets With ROCOR Representatives (posted 11/23/01)

Abbess Juliana consoles those who are confused and hurt (posted 11/22/01)

"Cold-Hearted Ecumenistic ROCOR" a personal commentary from a hurt Christian (posted 11/17/01)

The Harassment of Metropolitan Vitaly Continues (posted 11/17/01)

The Forced "Send Off" of Metropolitan Vitaly to a Mental Health Clinic (posted 11/16/01)

Declaration from Kiev (posted 11/15/01)

Previous Articles and Statements

Probably the best letter written in this entire period is this one from the Clergy of Kursk, Russia. It is well worth the read!:
A Letter to Metropolitan Vitaly from the Clergy of Kursk, Russia (Posted 3/18/01)

A Reply to Fr. George Kallauer (posted10/10/01)

"The Criminal- Robber Council" (posted 9/25/01)

Another Resignation (posted 9/12/01)

Encyclical from the conference of ROCOR Russian Dioceses that has taken place the first week of September 2001, concerning the upcoming ROCOR Bishop's Council in October 2001 (posted 9/07/01)

The Russian Orthodox Church at the Crossroads (posted 9/06/01)

Why have many Priests and Bishops "walled themselves off" from the Synod? (Posted 8/23/01)

A "Clarification" (posted 8/23/01)

How is Metropolitan Vitaly Hindering the pro--MP Faction in the Rocor? (Posted 8/16/01)

The Starosta of the Protection of the Holy Virgin Parish in Ottawa Resigns his position (posted 8/13/01)

"One Does Not Conceal Good Deeds From People" (posted 8/3/01)

Coup d'Etat in ROCOR (posted 7/24/01)

"Cowardice, Betrayal and Deceit" (posted 7/23/01)

An Open Letter To the Participants Of the Pastoral Conference Of the Clergy Of the Western American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (posted 5/13/01)

A Suggested Solution to the Current Crisis (posted7/16/01)

Report of the First Day of the Synod of Bishops Held on July 10th 2001 (posted 7/12/01)

The Resignation of a Respected Instructor (posted 7/12/01)

Bishop Barnaba of Cannes Responds to the Slander and Lies Being Spread by Higher Ranking Clergymen (posted 7/06/01)

The Final Word (updated 7/17/01)

The Response of the Canadian Clergy to Bishop Michael's Response to the Canadian Clergy's Statement (posted 7/02/01)

A Small Commentary (posted 7/02/01)

Bishop Gabriel's Speech Coach (posted 7/20/01)

Bishop Gabriel's Response to His Ruling Hierarch's Call to Peace (posted 7/02/01)

Encyclical Epistle from His Eminence Metropolitan Vitaly
First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad June 2001
(posted 6/27/01) (Please Note: Unfortunately there have been official statements that this letter was not approved consciously by His Eminence. This is indeed unfortunate... one would have hoped that this letter (which once again calls for a calming down of the flock) would have been viewed as an honourable way to peace within our Church. One also would think that the call of His Eminence to unity would be heeded if indeed "nothing has changed." In the Synod meeting that will take place mid-July let us pray and write to the Synod that the assembled Bishops will discuss the turmoil in the Church pastorally as Vladika has in his rights as first hierarch called the Bishops of our Church to, not just "dealing with the Metropolitan and his letter" as has been stated in some higher church circles. Editors MonasteryPress)

An Explanation and History of the Events in France (posted 5/31/01)

The Statement of the Clergy of the Canadian Diocese of Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (updated 6/29/01)

The Exploits of our(?) Archbishop Mark (posted 5/22/01)

An Open Letter From Some Loyal Sons and Daughters of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (updated 5/25/01)

An Address by the Banned ROCOR Clergy of the Western-European Eparchy (posted 5/22/01)

An Open Appeal to Those Loving the Church of Christ from the editors of Listok.com (posted 5/17/01)

Fettered by fear (This article is placed here as a consolation to those who find present events distressing. Posted 5/10/01)

The Ukase from the Synod of Bishops to the Clergy of France and their reply to Archbishop Lavra (posted 5/07/01)

Statement from the French Clergy ( posted 5/07/01)

What Ever Happened to the Metropolitan's Post-Sobor Epistle? ( posted 5/04/01)

Archbishop Mark's view of Rocor ( posted 5/07/01)

The Statement of Bishop Benjamin of Kuban (ROCA) and 10 other members of his clergy to the Metropolitan and the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

The Letter of Metropolitan Cyprian of Fili, Greece, President of the Holy Synod of the Church in Resistance to the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (what is interesting is that even our "sister church" realizes a "new policy" which certain voices in the Rocor deny)

An Appeal of ROCOR'S Chernigov Community Parishoners to Bishop Agafangel

An Open Letter From The Clergy And Laity Of ROCOR'S Western-European
Eparchy To Bishop Barnabas Of Cannes

Bishop Barnaba walls himself and His flock off from those who would betray the Church Abroad

A Statement from the Lesna Convent in defense of their former Spiritual Father who is accused and subsequently has been "retired" from serving for allegedly "dividing the community"

The Statement of a Matushka


Another Bishop speaks out and reveals a little behind the scenes goings on.

The comments of Two ROCOR Bishops

An Open Letter to the Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church (January 2001)

An Appeal to his Parishioners from the Rector of the Church of the Dormition in Richmond Hill, [New York].

The Parishioners of the Richmond Hill Church of the Dormition, addressing the ROCOR Faithful.

Reactions to Father Paisuis' Letter to his Flock.

Letter received from ROCOR's Koenigsberg Parish.

Letter written by Hieromonk Vladimir and Protopriest Sergii Petrov of the Holy Transfiguration Skete, in Mansonville, Canada (ROCOR).

"IS IT PERMISSIBLE?" written by P. Kochubey, the Warden [Starosta] of the Memorial-Temple in Brussels, Belgium.

The Response of Priest Pavel Simakov, from St. Petersburg [Russia].

Comments of Archpriest George Primak of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"Lest We Forget!" from Hieroschemamonk Elia of the Burning Bush Hermitage, USA.

Comments of Fr.Tikhon Kozushin [Moscow] (ROCOR).

"Concerning the Status of the ROCOR Parishes in Russia in the Light of the Results of the Patriarchal Sobor," written by Hieromonk Dionisii and Priest Timofey (ROCOR).

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

The Appeal of the Omsk Clergy.

"We're Being Railroaded!" the unrestrained comments of Hieroschemamonk Elia

"Why Should We Rejoice?" Fr. Constantine Bussyguin, Brazil

A Letter to Vladyka Metropolitan from Abbess Juliana

Three Letters from Saint Petersburg

A Response to the Metropolitan's Post Sobor Epistle

A Letter to the Bishops of the ROCOR from Geneva

An Analysis of the Statement: "From the Chancery Of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia"