PHPOpenChat - The free php chat-server-software for your live chat-room or -module

PHPOpenChat is a high performance php-based chat server software for a live chat-room or -module on every php-based site. The first version has been developed for a live-chat-subproject of the main german education portal (DBS) called "SchulWeb". The PHPOpenChat have had to manage alot of users, around 100-150 concurrent chatters, the most behind firewalls and in front of old computers. Based on this experiences, we developed the version 3 of our free chat-server completely new from scratch.
At this time you can integrate this chat software into postnuke, phpbb, yabbse, etc. as a module.

 General Notes
The new version three of PHPOpenChat was developed from scratch in the last 12 month. During the software conception the following points were most significant:
  • separation of code and design
  • object oriented
  • database independent
  • multi language support
In comparison with the old version 2.x there the following new features:
  • The message exchange is implemented as a ring buffer in shared memory if possible (Unix/Linux). Therefore high throughput and minimal system load are assured even at a high number of concurrent users.
  • Powerful user interface using valid XHTML according to the Accessablility Guidelines from the W3C.
  • usable as PostNuke-Module, PHPNuke-Module, phpBB-Module, YabbSE-Module, vBulletin-Module, vkpMX-Module or PHPKit-Module
  • chat in a separate window
  • guestbook
Read more in section Features.
 Release 3.0.2
This release is mainly a security fix release.
  • Security fix: If PHP is configured with "register_globals=on and allow_url_fopen=on" external scripts can be executed using POC's script under contrib/. So, if you run a standalone installation of POC, delete this folder, if not, use all the "contrib-scripts" comming with this release.
  • Bugfix: Some times POC came up with a "white screen" after a successfull installation. Now we use the newest version 4.6.1 of adodb to get out of this problem.
 Release 3.0.1
This release comes with some minor bugfixes and some new little features.
  • Bugfix: Chatters can't longer read password protected channels if they don't have the channel passowrd
  • Bugfix: RDF feed (Semantic Web und FOAF support)
  • new config-property MAX_EMAIL_REGISTER_COUNT. For one e-mail address, users can register MAX_EMAIL_REGISTER_COUNT times only now.
  • if POCs browser window is in the background there is a new task bar flashing when someone posts new text in the chat window.
 PHPOpenChat in Computer & Internet com!
One of Germany's internet and computing magazines chose to bring an article about building websites with Java-chats, rental chats and PHPOpenChat. But the article was not a review as such but rather a description of how the system works and who might need it.

Cover der COM! 02/2004com! concluded:
"Here you do not have any restrictions, which concerns the individual design of the chatrooms. The multilingualness also belongs to the numerous features - within communities with members from several countries, each member can have the chat interfaces in his own native language...."

The PHPOpenChat team is glad to announce the launch of the POC portal of the German PHPOpenchat Community. Special thanks goes to Hartmut Götze, the father of this project! For all PostNuke lovers, you can find there also an PHPOpenChat integration into PostNuke.

Best wishes for big success with the new portal.
The PHPOpenChat team!

 Release 3.0.0b6
This new release comes with one new feature
  • /kick never disables the relevant chatter anymore
  • added IRC-command /disable to kick and disable a chatter
  • nicknames of guest users are displayed in the correct language now
  • bugfix: guests users are kickable now
  • a postnuke theme change changes the theme for the POC also, but only if a theme with the same name is available for the POC
  • Members of PostNuke administrator group are POC-operators automatically now
  • Bugfix: for AUTOLOGIN_DIRECTLY=true, logout problems (auto-relogin)
Languages, which did not included in the package at present: