Atreyu Extubated!!!

Jul 07

Called @ 6 a.m. and night Nurse Jennifer said that Atreyu so far has handled going down on the vent well. Will know more after rounds this morning at 8:30 a.m. Called back at 9 a.m. and spoke to Nurse Susan. She said they were down to a vent rate of 8 and he was handling it. Waiting for Dr. Caspi to come by. Called back at 10:30 a.m. and Nurse Susan told me that he...

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Baby Watching

Jul 06

last night Nurse Jennifer said they left his vent rate at 24 for the rest of the night. This morning Nurse Jaime says Dr. Caspi up’ed his feeds to 5 cc’s per hour and that they are now going down on the vent rate of 1 every 6 hours with a goal of 18 right now.

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Black Swan

Jul 05

Nurse Latricia said they started weaning Atreyu’s vent rate again @ 1 per every 3 hours. He is at 27 right now. Also, they re-started feeds of 15 cal formula @ 2 cc’s per hour. I am assuming they are going to try to extubate him later in the week. Rented Black Swan for $1. Watched it with Adam. I thought it was a great movie. I really liked it. Weird, but...

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Today is NOT the Day :(

Jul 04

Today is NOT the day Dr. Caspi said they will try tomorrow to extubate him. Later in the day- while we were eating supper, I think- Atreyu had an “episode”. He was retracting a lot and getting really sweaty and fussy. So they went up on the vent rate and are NOT going to try to extubate him tomorrow. So I brought Adam back to Baton Rouge so he could go...

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New Room #306

Jul 03

Up at 7 a.m. Drew stopped by for a little while. ┬áCalled the CICU and spoke to Nurse Caitlin. She says Dr. Petit was just there. Atreyu’s vent rate is @ 18 now! Leaving it there for now. His chest x-ray looked funky. Not going to extubate today. She had to get off the phone because her other patient was wigging out she said. About 11 a.m. we headed to NOLA to...

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NO EEG Results Yet

Jul 02

Woke up. Brought my car and Aiden to my parents. Took nap. Called the CICU and spoke to Nurse Rockel about 2:30 p.m. Pd cath is still draining- 20 cc’s so far today. Vent rate going down by 1 every 4 hours – @ 21 right now! Butt rash is getting better and looks much better. Atreyu is back on TPN and his chest tube is barely draining, maybe 2 cc’s...

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EEG Testing

Jul 01

Called the CICU @ 6 a.m. and spoke to Nurse Jaime. Atreyu is at full feeds @ 18 cc’s per hour and no longer on TPN. He is having better stools and his behind looks better. Vent rate is still at 23, pd cath is still draining, chest tube draining but not a lot. He is also supposed to get an EEG today to see if he is still having seizure activity. Brought Aiden...

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