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Alexandre Gianasso is Affairs Today’s founder. He studies Politics at¬†the University of Glasgow. He covers a variety of topics ranging from Tech to Foreign Policy. Avid traveller, always on the lookout for new opportunities.


Maximilian L. Linhard is a Business & Management at student the University of Glasgow. Always aiming to apply this knowledge to his writing, he aims at providing deeper insights into current issues and sharing them in an understandable manner. Because of these motivations, he is one of the founding members of Affairs Today, the current CFO, and regular contributor to various sections of the journal.


Ferdinand v. Götzen is the Chief Operating Officer of Affairs Today. He is studying an MA in European Studies at the University of Maastricht, specialising in Public Policy and Euroscepticism, after having graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in History and Political Science. With a multinational background, he focuses on various political issues within the international arena.




Ryan McElney is the Editor-in-Chief at Affairs Today. He studies Politics, Economics and Russian at the University of Glasgow. He focuses mostly on politics and foreign affairs. He enjoys playing the guitar and adventurous training in his spare time. You can contact Ryan at:

News Editor

Christopher Jackson is both a contributor for Affairs Today and the News Editor. He is a student at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, but has also studied at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and will commence studies at Kansai Gaidai in Osaka, Japan starting in late August. He is studying Political Science, International Studies and Japanese. Christopher is also involved with business consultancy and strives to develop African economies. He teaches Spanish at the College of Charleston. He hopes to improve relations between the United States and Cuba during his career.


Currently in replacement.

Travel & Lifestyle 

Eloise Johnston is a Political Journalist and Travel & Lifestyle editor with Affairs Today. She channels her research and pursuits to specifically highlight and challenge global structures of social and economic inequality. Eloise is currently studying public and urban policy at the University of Glasgow and has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Masters of International Relations.

Career & Top Tips

Eimi Harris is a student at the University of Toronto studying International Relations, Economics, and Cinema Studies and is the Career & Top Tips editor at Affairs Today. Her interests lie in health and technological advancements, as well as surveillance policies. Having lived in the both the United States and Canada, she is able to analyze North American policies and their significance at an international level.



Business Relations

Martina Guzauskaite is the Business Relations Officer at Affairs Today, as well as an Economics Journalist. She studies Business Economics at the University of Glasgow. She is an ambitious and multilingual student with interests in Economics, Business and Finance. You can contact Martina at:

Social Media

Oscar Larsson is the Social Media Manager of Affairs Today. He is an undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow, studying Politics & Central and Eastern European Studies. Oscar is a longstanding member of the Affairs Today team, and very devoted to promoting quality, efficiency and a vibrant student community. In the future, he wants to work within the field of international relations but he also hopes to engage with the politics of the European Union.

Human Resources

Agnita Januskeviciute is the Human Resources Manager at Affairs Today. She studies Business & Management at the University of Glasgow. If you would like to get in touch regarding job opportunities at Affairs Today, do so at:

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