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Imagine chatting inside your favorite GitHub repo.
Now you can!

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Live Chat in Code Repos

Discuss code, in the repo, live from Github. No account required!

Real Time

Live chatting from your repo page on Start Collaborating now.

No Login

Just works out of the box. Install the extension and start chatting from any repo, now.

No Config

With the extension install, config is zero. Chat just starts working right in Github.


Now Available in the Chrome Store! - Or install directly from source file download

Chrome Store

Get the Free Chrome Extension

Extension Source Download

1. Download the Extension Files
2. Unzip the files
3. go to Chrome Menu > Tools > Extensions
4. Check "Developer Mode", if not already checked.
5. Click "Load unpacked extension"
6. Select the unzipped folder for the CodeSpeak extension

From us to you

We know what it's like. Spinning up IRC or Google chat or skype just to talk about a repo you're already looking at. Ugh.

Austin Baum

Developer and designer from sunny Tucson, Arizona. Yeehaw!

Zack Breckenridge

Do you like C? I like C.

Leo Medovyy

Rails, business, rails, business, design, tea, rails...