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Enjoy the protection of a standalone system or monitor your premises anytime from anywhere in the world using any device with access to the internet. Observe all aspects of the facility which you are watching. Whether it is your residence or business, you will be able to oversee any of the areas you choose. Investigate incidents, playback, download and email all events by any time, date or location. Simply connect to your system to perform virtual patrols.

Monitor your home or business 24/7

The CamShack assembles and installs Surveillance Systems for residential, commercial & Government properties. The units can provide multi-channel recording to the Hard Disk with recording periods of 1000 hrs or more; full time, scheduled, or motion activated recording (Recording is activated by motion detection from pixel actuation).  Systems range from 4, 8, 12, 16, and even 32  channels per DVR unit.

Simultaneously view cameras by logging in from any PC, laptop, and/or Mobile Phone with internet access worldwide.


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Competitive pricing on all of our products.
Combined we have 15+ years of experience in the business.
We only sell high quality professional products.


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