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Do you want an easy way to track visitors to your site and view thorough website statistics? Sign up for a free stats tracker from Countz. You can also use the counters for ebay auction listings or classified ads. Just cut and paste the HTML to your page and get complete analytics of your website traffic including referrers, countries and more.

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Track visitors to your site and view website statistics with a free stats tracker. Offering free hit counter to track visitors and traffic to your website. Sign up for your free hit counter today and get setup within just minutes. We provide a great selection with HTML code. You can also choose to have statistics for your free counter. Several designs available and one of the most creative choices of web counters. Now you can track visitors and traffic to your website.

Whether you need your hit counter to count visitors to your website, blog or your auction doesn't matter - all you need to do is go through two easy steps. Several designs and colors are available. Countz offers advanced website traffic analytics and visitor tracking for free. Find out if you visitors are coming from search engines, social media or advertising campaigns. Complete traffic analysis for your website broken down by each individual web page.

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Countz is proud to offer free webmaster tools and resources for your website including free hit counters and guestbooks. Sign up for a free website guestbook for your site. Take advantage of a quality website guestbook today!


Free hit counter, website tracking and visitor stats


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