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We are offering great prices on many closeout models. For details, pricing, information, and terms, please call us.Speaker Parts are now available for Kinetic Audio and many other name brands. We are an excellent solution for repairs and/or upgrades.

We offer parts for many different brands, styles and sizes including voice coils, shims, tinsel wire, terminals, spiders, cones, dust caps, hardware, etc. (Parts limited to our present inventory)

For details, information, and pricing, please email us at sales@kineticaudio.com with your phone number so we can call you back.
We also offer limited Customer Support with purchase during limited warranty period. We also offer vast Upgrade Selection Section for Home, Studio and Mobile systems, High-End Audiophile, Mobile Speaker components and Systems, Limited Speaker Repair Service (LSRS) on many other brands, Tweeters, 6.5, 8, and 12-inch loudspeakers.

Important Message!
Kinetic Audio offers our warrenty and customer service only to customers who purchased direct or through an official Kinetic Audio International Limited authorized licensed retail dealer. Please have your receipt ready and be certain your product is authentic before contacting us.

Other companies have been using a variation of our name to sell their products. We are the original Kinetic Audio incorporated in 1973, and all of our speakers are proudly precision manufactured in the USA. Kinetic Audio does not warranty or support any counterfeit products, or the products made by imitator companies. Before calling, please compare the products with our product catalog to ensure it is a Kinetic Audio model.

Kineticaudio.com is still undergoing a thourough redesign. Please bear with us through this process.

Kinetic Audio is contemplating expansion into alternitive energies and alternative energy vehicles.

Kinetic Audio joins everyone who is honoring Dr. Nikola Tesla the great scientist, inventor, physicist, and electrical engineer on the aniversary of his 150th Birthday (July 10th, 1856-2006).


You may purchase direct or through one of our dealers.

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