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e-Training Series

With the implementation of rigorous college and career ready standards, support for teachers is more important than ever. Knowing that for some districts there are budgetary concerns for the upcoming school year TLJ Consulting Group is developing an affordable series of live interactive trainings focused by grade band.  Series overview.AMLE2014_PresenterBadge


T3 International Conference

Fractions, Decimals, and Lions! Oh, My!, Calculator use within the elementary mathematics classroom must be selective and strategic, with attention to how such a tool will support and advance learning. Emphasis and implementation are the critical issues?when and for what purposes should calculators be used in the elementary mathematics classroom? Participants will engage in a STEM investigation that models the deliberate use of the TI-15 Explorer Calculator . Literacy connections will be made with the use of an information text trade book. The Standards for Mathematical Practice, the CCSSM, and the Next Generation Science Standards will be addressed.

Thinking Algebraically About Geometry, Making connections between different mathematical concepts provides opportunities for students to develop deeper understandings for both topics. Participants will investigate several connections that naturally occur between traditional geometric and algebraic topics. Participants will also see how using the TI SmartView supports connections between the various representations of mathematical topics. Both TEKS and CCSSM will be addressed as will the Process Standards/Mathematical Practices. Both student and teacher materials will be provided.

2015 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition, Effective Teaching to Ensure Mathematical Success for All

What’s My Move: A Kinesthetic Multisensory Approach to Graphing, Graphs are one mathematical representation that often challenge secondary students. This session will explore how kinesthetic learning occurs by direct experience, and how understanding develops as a result of what was done rather than what was said or read in the secondary mathematics classroom.


The Annotated CCSSM with Mappings to the PARCC Documents

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Teachers can easily be overwhelmed at the amount of information that needs to be assimilated before the CCSSM can be successfully implemented, including student assessment.  My goal in creating The Annotated CCSSM with Mappings to the PARCC Documents (available for grades 3-8, Algebra I, II, Geometry, and Mathematics I-III) is that teachers would have a tool that allows them to navigate the information needed a bit easier.  The Annotated CCSSM with Mappings to the PARCC Documents also allows teachers and districts guidance as they intentionally develop their scope and sequences/pacing guides. Teachers will see content connections that they might otherwise overlook as they follow the paths from the CCSSM through the PARCC documents. Understanding the documents PARCC has released will allow educators to better understand the design of the PARCC assessments.  All of this is aligned directly to the Common Core State Standards, and highlight the advances especially around the coherent nature of the standards. -Tammy L. Jones

PD and materials available.