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I am Federesi Nakate from Ddera – Butoolo Kammengo Sub County, Mpigi District; I used to live in a very dilapidated, grass thatched hut with an anti hill inside. One day a group young people from Twezimbe Development Foundation apparently sent by Hon. Amelia Kyambadde visited me and clearly stressed that they couldn’t bear with the conditions in which I was living.

I am John Lutembe from Kiti zone in Kammengo sub County. TDF gave me 60kgs of ginger which I planted and was able to rip 6 bags that generated an income of UGX 960,000 which has changed my life. I can now pay for my children’s school and provide medical care for my family.

Message From the Patron

In God’s name, I greet you all! It’s this New Year 2014 and we at Twezimbe are still at the heights of bringing a smile to the rural community. The past year was yet another period of success for us. It’s a reminder note that Twezimbe’s priority the last financial year was maternal and child health care services. I have hope that in the interventions carried out, we are yet to make another score in the health field.