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I have been working with Complete Logo Source for a few years now providing them with some alternative T-shirt designs to help give there customer more options. Here a few I have put together for them.  Some made it to print and some didn’t.


Retro BMX Concept Design

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My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

My retro concept design for a BMX bike.

I have always thought it would be cool to be able to “build” my own bikes. The bike below is based on a lot of the old school 70’s BMX bikes like the Mongoose and Red Line bikes. I like that era to most for some reason. I guess its because its when it all began. This of course would be the same build quality as those bikes and have that same retro look. I picked the name Xerces just because it sounds cool to say it, plus I used a cross or 4 point star on different areas of the bike and thought something with “X” in it would be cool.

This was designed with Adobe Illustrator

Here are a few more variations:

Safety First

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Just completed moving the site over to a newer Wordpress format for them. Looks a lot better and hopefuly now it will be a little more managable for them. Their previous site was pretty basic and needed a little updating in the looks dept.  You can visit it at

Go Speed Racer!!!

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The new Aventador J


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Chevy Concepts

Chevy Concepts

The Detroit Auto Show recently brought to our attention 2 new concepts Chevrolet is working on targeting youth buyers, I think. Although they are nice looking they still seem to be missing the mark, for me anyway.  The CODE 130R looks like they tried to re purpose a new Camaro into a smaller car.  Didn’t they do this with the Camaro and Vega back in the 70’s? The other car they introduced, the TRU 140S, although looks cool and I really love the front’s aggressive looks, the shape of the care as a whole reminds me of a current Mitsubishi Eclipse.




I smushed them together. I took the front of the 140 and the rear of the 130. Oh and added new rims ’cause I just do things like that.

Stick’m Up!

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Well not your arms but stickers! Decals rather, made from vinyl. We recently got some new equipment and I thought I would test it out. I design logos all the time and always get asked if I can make decals  or shirts out of them and I usually tell them I couldn’t or referred them elsewhere. Now I can! I will be doing small t-shirt runs and anything else you can do with vinyl like signs, window lettering and more.

See you thought vinyl went out with the avocado green washer and dryers huh?

Custom Coat

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Kevin Ayers of “Ayers Garage” in Springtown,Texas was looking for a logo that help communicate the type of powder coating work he does. He likes antique machinery the best. Doesn’t matter if it’s an car, truck, bike, tractor or even an old WW2 era Plomb ratchet. You want it coated, he can do it.

He is a Fire Fighter and during his off time he is a powder coating fool. You can see some of his work on his blog or his Facebook Page He does really good quality work and I would recommend him to anyone.


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This was a logo created for another small business owner looking for something real specific. He wanted a “Hot Rod” feel to it but also wanted to include his wheel from his project truck. He builds custom wheel tubs for 67-72 Chevrolet trucks that have been “bagged”, lowered all the way to the ground with air bags and or Z-notching the frame. This style of drop usually required total removal of the wheel tubs or serious modifications. I crated a basic logo (shown above) and a logo her will use on the back of a t-shirt(shown below).

Fit for a King.

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Summer time brings on family togetherness. This is perfect for family reunions. Here is a t-shirt design I did for a Texas family starting a new tradition. They decided to have their reunion at the popular Comal River in New Braunfels Texas. If you have never been then you need to take the time and go check it out. The water is cool and the leisure float is very relaxing. for this design I just tried to incorporate fun lettering and a tube on the water. These were screen printed on turquoise cotton t-shirts.

The “Beave”

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I was contacted by a local guy looking for a cool “vintage” style logo. After talking to him and getting a good idea of what he was looking for we went with a late 50’s early 60’s style logo. He pretty much let me design it the way I wanted as long as included the valve train form the cam shaft to the valve. It’s came out pretty good I think.


I found this video to be a little intoxicating

Hot-Rods... #3 from Patrice De Bruyne on Vimeo.

Cafe cowboy from benedict campbell on Vimeo.


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