WUCP LP Radio 99.9 FM

Farragut's Hometown Radio Station

Farragut, Tennessee

 400 Everett Road



Email contact at: dgarner@usit.net

WUCP is a broadcast ministry of the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 400 Everett Road, Farragut, TN 37934


WUCP Broadcast Studios are located at Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church.



WUCP is on the Internet



All you have to do to access live streaming radio is to click on this:





If that connection does not work try this one:   http://s5.viastreaming.net/7640/


Smart phones: download app TuneIn, and insert our call letters WUCP for search.


Farragut High School Baseball , with Ralph Skinner broadcasting play by play. 



WUCP is the only radio station to follow the Admirals to the state championship and has been broadcasting Admiral baseball for the past nine years.   WUCP is a broadcast ministry of the Union CP Church of Farragut and we support Farragut schools.


 State Championship final game won by the Admirals.   WUCP was there with the broadcast.  Way to go Admirals!




Because of the increased cost, we are asking for you to consider making a small contribution to help WUCP with the additional expense and the upkeep for WUCP which relies on our listener contribution format, no commercials, WUCP non profit Christian radio station.  A contribution can be made on PayPal on this website or sending a contribution to WUCP, Union CP Church, 400 Everett Rd, Farragut, TN 37934.


Thank you for listening to our broadcast.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to WUCP Radio to help our broadcast ministry continue please donate in the PayPal box below.  You may also send a check to WUCP, care of  Union CP Church, 400 Everett Rd. Farragut, TN, 37934.   May God Bless You.......



All donations or offerings are tax deductible as a church non-profit organization and you will receive a contribution statement for the tax year.  Thank you for your support!


Contact Union Church, 400 Everett Rd, Farragut, TN 37934

Phone:  865-966-9040



         WUCP, The Voice of Admiral Baseball, is proud to follow the Farragut Admirals to the state championship games again this season.                                  


Thanks to WATE TV Channel 6, for the nice feature story on WUCP that ran Thursday night May 21 and also Friday morning.  Go to their website at www.wate.com for the story.


WUCP is now broadcasting on 99.9!




We thank all of our listeners for your support and prayers to keep our station WUCP on the air!  Many of you wrote letters of support to the FCC and signed a petition to the FCC to support our efforts to stay on the air.  Your efforts and the 'Lord's Will' has been successful; Thank all of you!


THANK YOU Congressman Duncan and Senator Alexander


Tennessee Congressman John Duncan  contacted the FCC twice to pledge his support and concern for WUCP.  Tennessee Congressman John Duncan has joined to co-sign the House Bill 2802 to help LP FM stations and has expressed his support of WUCP to continue to serve the citizens of Farragut.  


Senator Lamar Alexander contacted the FCC to pledge his support and concern about WUCP being forced to move from 106.1 and asked the FCC to help WUCP stay on the air.  The FCC  replied by letter to Senator Alexander that they  suggested 99.9 and expect to approve our move.


Why WUCP had to move:


WUCP was forced to move from 106.1 to a new frequency, 99.9 in 2011.  Under current FCC rules, Low Power FM radio stations such as WUCP operate with "second class citizenship" to high power commercial stations.  Current legislation is in Congress to correct this situation, see Prometheus Radio Project below.  WUCP was assigned the frequency of 106.1 in 2002 and then the Commission sold the frequency to the highest bidder in 2007 without notice that they had already assigned the frequency to our station.  We had to move.    We are on 99.9 now but butting heads with a high power station in Ashville, NC.  See note below on receiving WUCP on your radio and also on the Internet or your smart phone.



WUCP is on the Internet
All you have to do to access live streaming radio is to click on this:



WUCP is a broadcast ministry of the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 400 Everett Road, Farragut, TN 37934



Click here for Union’s website: 


WUCP with station Manager Dave Garner at chief operating position



 We would love to hear from you, email us at dgarner@usit.net, call us during business hours at 865-966-9040, mail us at WUCP Radio, 400 Everett Road, Farragut, TN 37934.  If you listen on the Internet, let us know about you.  If you listen to WUCP on your radio, let us know where you live and how often you listen.  Song request can be submitted through our contact information.  If you are a member of a Christian music group and would like to submit your music to be played on WUCP submit your CD and information about your group.  If you would like to perform live during an evening church service and be live on the air, submit your request through our contact information above.

WUCP is now on Facebook

You are invited to join our group on Facebook and list yourself as a friend of the station and leave feedback and song request.


 Having problems receiving WUCP on your FM radio?   We are a low powered FM station, 100 watts, as compared to most of the commercial FM stations running 5000 to 50,000 watts.   We are a community radio station focused only for Farragut; as licensed by the FCC as a low powered community FM station.  The closer you are to Union CP Church on the west end of Farragut the better you will receive our station.  Car radios generally do better than household FM radios as they have an outside antenna and better receivers than small FM household radios.  You can also pick up our station on the Internet by going to our website at www.wucplp.com and following the directions for our Internet stream.  Smart phones can also access our Internet stream by downloading an application like "TuneIn" and search for local stations, WUCP.  We have many world-wide listeners on our Internet stream.



History of WUCP

An application was filed with the FCC the summer of 2001 by the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Farragut for a low powered FM radio station to serve the Town of Farragut.  The FCC had just opened a period for filing for this new service and the church endorsed a proposal by Dave Garner, that Union go forward with this new ministry.  We only have a five day period for filing the application electronically on the Internet.  The required information was gathered and a Board of Directors appointed to oversee the project. 


The application was filed and “set dormant” for three years while the FCC decided to go forward with this new service over the heavy objections of the commercial broadcasters to the new service nationally.   The ‘log-jam’ was finally cleared in 2003 and construction permits were released by the FCC.  WUCP LP received our construction permit in November of 2004.  We assembled a team to put the station on the air.  Equipment had to be selected and assembled.  The antenna had to be mounted on top of our building.  All guidelines by the FCC had to be carefully followed.   The call letters WUCP, for W Union Cumberland Presbyterian, were selected and applied for.  The call letters were available, “ by the Lord’s Will,” and assigned to our station.


Our first broadcast was Wednesday evening, Feb 4, 2005 at 9:30PM.  Since then we have been serving our community 24 hours per day, seven days a week.


WUCP is a low powered station, and therefore our broadcast is limited to around 10-15 miles.  We cannot do anything about this as the power level is limited by the FCC due to the class of license.  The low powered service is intended to serve a local community only and range is estimated to be 10 miles or less.  Our Internet broadcasting provides worldwide reception, go to www.wucplp.com.


You can do several things to improve reception:  such as using an external antenna on your receiver or outside antenna such as TV antenna or special FM broadcast antenna.  Car radios generally pick up better due to their outside antenna and specifications.


We are now broadcasting on the Internet on this connection:  Loudcast.com

So your PC can pickup our station from any place that you can access the web.


We are broadcasting the following sports for Farragut High School:  Baseball.  A big part of our community service is Farragut Sports Broadcast and high school Football. 


Business Underwriting:  If your business would like to underwrite our programming or sports broadcast contact our business office at 865-966-9040.  Our rates are very low and listener audience is very good in Farragut, TN and surrounding area.  


Contributions:  Contributions to keep WUCP on the air and help increase our music library is greatly appreciated. Any amount would be a blessing to us and as a church contribution is tax deductible.  You may mail contributions to our station or care of Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 400 Everett Rd, Farragut, TN 37934.


We welcome your signal reports, song request, and other.  You may contact the church office during business hours at 865-966-9040, Station Line:  865-675-5001, only manned during church services and ballgame broadcast.  Email station manger:  Dave Garner: dgarner@usit.net; or the Church at 865-966-9040, radio station at dgarner@usit.net

or go to our Facebook account.



Station Manager:  Dave Garner


Sports Announcers: Ralph Skinner, Dennis Rowland

Engineering:  Dave Garner

Staff Announcers: Dave Garner,  David Stephens, Dennis Rowland, Arby Dickert, Mike Bridges, Ralph Skinner, Joyce Griffin.

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