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British Journal Of General Practitioners Click here or above image to read Allan Weatherburns 'article outlaying proposals for one possible way of solving the problem of long-term prescription benzodiazepine and Z drug dependency. An article,by Allan, entitled "Prescription Benzodiazepines and Z Drugs -The hidden Story," has been published in the November issue of the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) in which he invites doctors to read this website article.

Cumbria Meeting

Click here or click on the above image to see the details of the All Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse Group Report.

Do You Have a Problem with Benzodiazepines or Z drugs?

Do You Need Help and Support?

The group is known as: Benzodiazepines Co-operation Not Confrontation (BCNC). It is primarily aimed at prescription supplied benzodiazepines, although help will be given wherever it is needed. Details of the aims of the group can be seen here aims.

We need people to join us in helping to run this group which will be a local branch of what will eventually be a nationwide group whose aim amongst others is to challenge current knowledge of benzodiazepine and Z drugs in the medical profession and to change it for the better. This will include reducing prescribing rates for benzodiazepines and Z drugs beyond 2 - 4 weeks to new patients and improved withdrawal guidance and knowledge for managing long term users of benzodiazepines or Z drugs.

The benzodiazepine problem is largely a medically induced one and if it is to ever change it will require the medical profession to change. This website it is hoped will provide knowledge for the long term users of benzodiazepine or Z drugs internationally, to recruit volunteers to take up the task of changing the medical professions views on benzodiazepines and Z drugs and as well as to serve as a platform to get our views across to the medical profession.

Long term use of benzodiazepines is associated with considerable numbers of both general and mental health problems Included amongst these are over sedation, which has contributing effects on Road Traffic Accidents, accidents in the home and also accidents at work, forgetfullness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional blunting, suicidal thoughts, and an extreme or irrational fear of open or public places (agorophobia).

These side effects as well as others are more pronounced in the elderly often causing mental confusion and dizziness which results in falls and fractures which often leads to hospitalisation.

There are over 1.2 million people dependent on this class of drug in the UK. Are you or any of your family affected by the dependency on long term prescription supplied benzodiazepines, which can be used by the medical profession for a variety of illnesses both of the physical and psychological nature?

UK Benzodiazepine Table

The below table provides half lives of benzodiazepines as well as gives the Chemical/Generic and Brand names of benzodiazepines.The smaller the half life the shorter acting the benzodiazepine and the larger the half life the more long acting the benzodiazepine.

Benzodiazepines are prescribed for a number of conditions e.g. epilepsy, insomnia, muscular disorders, agitation or as an anti-anxiety agent.


Benzodiazepine Comparison Chart UK

Generic Name Brand Name ® Dosage per day (mg) Prescribing Indication Equivalency Strength to 10 mg Diazepam (mg)

Half Life in hours

[Active Benzodiazepine Metabolite]

Nitrazepam Nitrazepam tablets (Non-propriety), Mogadon, Remnos, Somnite oral solution 2.5-10 Insomnia 10 15-38
Flurazepam Dalmane capsules 15-30 Insomnia 15-30 [40-250]
Loprazolam Loprazolam tablets (Non-propriety) 0.5-2 Insomnia 1-2 6-12
Lormetazepam Lormetazepam tablets (Non-propriety) 0.5-1.5 Insomnia 1-2 10-12
Temazepam Temazepam tablets (Non-propriety), Temazepam oral solution (Non-propriety) 10-20 Insomnia 20 8-22
Diazepam Diazepam tablets (Non-propriety), Dialar oral solution 6-30 Anxiety, Insomnia, Alcohol withdrawal, Status epilepticus, muscle spasm, febrile convulsions 10 20-100 [36-200]
Alprazolam Xanax 0.75-1.5 Anxiety 0.5 6-12
Chlordiazepoxide Chlordiazepoxide capsules (Non-propriety), Librium, Tropium 30-100 Anxiety, acute alcohol withdrawal 25 5-30 [36-200]
Clorazepate Dipotassium Tranxene 7.5-22.5 Anxiety 15 [36-200]
Lorazepam Lorazepam (Non-propriety), Ativan 1-4 Anxiety, Insomnia, Status epilepticus 1 10-20
Oxazepam Oxazepam (Non-propriety) 15-30 Anxiety 20 4-15
Midazolam Midazolam (Non-propriety), Hypnovel 0.5-10 sedation, Premed, Anesthesia, amnesia during investigatory proceedures ??? 1.8-6
Clobazam Clobazam (Non-propriety), Frisium 20-60 Epilepsy, Anxiety 20 12-60
Clonazepam Rivotril 4-8 Epilepsy, myoclonus, status epilepticus 0.5 18-50
Zaleplon Sonata 5-10 Insomnia 20 2
Zolpidem Tartrate Zolpidem (Non-propriety), Stilnoct 5-10 Insomnia 20 2
Zopiclone Zopiclone 3.75-7 Insomnia 15 5-6

UK Benzodiazepine Table Useful Notes

Generic and Brand names highlighted in BLACK are not prescribable on the NHS and are only available via a private prescription in the UK.
Benzodiazepine equivalents are based on those found to be most accurate by Professor Heather Ashton who is a Professor of Psychopharmacology and Psychiatry at the University of Newcastle England and world expert in benzodiazepines. Her Equivalency table can be seen HERE which includes some additional equivalencies of benzodiazepines not available or no longer available in the UK. Equivalents given are doses of different benzodiazepines equivalent to one another but for tapering purposes they should be compared to 10 mg of diazepam.
Oral Solutions available in the UK are included in this table as some BCNC clients prefer to use liquid preparations to reduce although the use of diazepam which has a very long half life and comes in low dose 2 mg tablets usually negates the need for oral solution to reduce.
The so called Z drugs (Zaleplon, Zolpidem and Zopiclone) seen in the boxes with a GREEN background are molecularly distinct from classical benzodiazepines however in addictive terms they should be regarded as the same as they bind to benzodiazepine receptors and behave similarly to benzodiazepines and are therefore not suitable alternatives to benzodiazepines.
All benzodiazepines are restricted in the U.K. to 2-4 weeks maximum. Exclusions to these guidelines are those already physically dependent on benzodiazepines and epilepsy. The BNF warns that benzodiazepines and their effectiveness in the management of epilepsy may wane considerably after weeks or months of continuous therapy and abrupt withdrawal may trigger epileptic seizures in those with or without a history of epilepsy.
Information for this table was obtained from the BNF (British National Formulary) and from Professor Heather Ashton's benzodiazepine Half Life and Equivalency Table. This table was reviewed and edited by Dr J.G. McConnell M.D. and BCNC advisor.

International Benzodiazepine Chart

Names highlighted in RED are available on the NHS (U.K. National Health Service). Some benzodiazepines available on the NHS are not available by brand name and are classed as non-proprietary or generic only. Also some benzodiazepines cannot be prescribed on the NHS but are only available via a private prescription. These are also shown in the below table in RED under the generic column. Doctors should consult the latest edition of the B.N.F for the most up to date information regarding which benzodiazepines are available for prescribing in the U.K. :-

Those in BLUE are not available on the U.K. NHS (National Health Service) but are available in other countries internationally.

The Boxes Highlighted GREEN are of drugs that are molecularly distinct from benzodiazepines but they still have a similar mode of action by binding to Benzodiazepine receptors and hence have the same addiction potential as benzodiazepines.

The Box Highlighted in YELLOW refers to alcohol. Alcohol has a similar mechanism of action to benzodiazepines and works on benzodiazepine receptors. It is best to avoid or restrict or at least limit alcoholic drinks in benzo withdrawal and recovery as many people find it has a tendency to flare up their withdrawal symptoms the day after having alcohol.

Brand names Highlighted in ITALIC are brands which are multi-ingredient preparations

List of Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepine Generic, Brand Name and Drug Half Life Table

Benzodiazepine Chart Compiled by Ross

International Benzodiazepine Chart

Chemical / Generic Name

Brand Name ®

Benzodiazepine Drug Half Lives In Hours

[ Active Metabolite ]

Adinazolam mesylate Deracyn, Usan [3]
Alprazolam Xanax, Adax, Alcelam, Alnax, Alplax, Alplax Digest, Alplax Net, Alpralid, Alprastad, Alpratyrol, Alprax, Alpraz, Alprazig, Alprocontin, Alpronax, Alprox, Altrox, Alviz, Alzam, Alzolam, Amziax, Ansielix, Ansielix Digest, Ansilan, Antanax, Anxirid, Anzilum, Apo-Alpraz, Apox, Apraz, Alzolam, Anpress, Anzion, Azor, Becede, Bestrol, Calmax, Calmol, Cassadan, Constan, Danox, Dizolam, Drimpam, Emeral, Esparon, Euciton Stress, Farmapram, Fludep Plus, Frontal, Frontin, Gendergin-SR, Gerax, Grifoalpram, Helex, Ibizolam, Kalma, Kinax, Krama, Marzolam, Medronal, Mialin, Mitranax, Nalion, Neupax, Neurol, Niravam, Novo-Alprazol, Novo Vegestabil, Nu-Alpraz, Pacyl, Panix, Pazolam, Pharnax, Prazam, Prenadona, Prinox, Psicosedol, PTA, Ralozam, Renax, Restyl, Restyl Forte, Restyl Plus, Retan, Sandoz, Sanerva, Saturnil, Siampraxol, Sidomal, Solanax, Stresnil, Tafil, Tafil AP, Tensium, Tensium Gastric, Thiprazolan, Tranax, Trankimazin, Tranquinal, Tranquinal Soma, Tricalma, Unilan, USP 29, Valeans, Xanacine, Xanagis, Xanax, Xanax XR, Xanolam, Xanor, Xiemed, Xnor, Xycalm, Zacetin, Zamhexal, Zolam, Zolarem, Zoldac, Zopax, Zopax Plus, Zotran 6-12
Bromazepam Akamon, Anconevron, Angular, Anxyrex, Atemperator, Benedorm, Biorgan B, Brazepam, Bromalex, BromaLich, Bromatanil, Bromaz, Bromazanil, Bromaze, Bromazep, Bromazepan, Bromidem, Bromopirin, Bromoxon, Bropamil, Brozam, Brozepax, Calmex, Colixane B, Compendium, Creosedin, Debridat B, Deptran, Durazanil, Equisedin, Estomina, Eudon, Eumotil-T, Evagelin, Fabozepam, Faradil Novo, Fenatrop-A, Finaten, Gasmol, Gityl, Lectopam, Lenitin, Lexatin, Lexaurin, Lexil, Lexilium, Lexomil, Lexostad, Lexotan, Lexotanil, Libronil-R, Lucitan, Miopropan-T, Molival, neo OPT, Nervan, Nervium, Neurilan, Neurozepam, Normoc, Notorium, Novazepam, Nulastres, Octanyl, Otedram, Pascalium, Quietiline, Relaxil, Sandoz, Sedatus, Sipcar, Somalium, Somasedan, Sulpan, Totasedan, Tritopan, Ultramidol, Uni Bromazepax, Vegestabil Digest, Veralipral T 10-20
Brotizolam Bondormin, Dormex, Lendorm, Lendormin, Lindormin, Lendormine, Nimbisan, Noctilan, Sintonal 6-7
Camazepam aka Comazepam Albego 6-11
Chlordiazepoxide Librium, Tropium, Aero Itan, Aerogastrol, Ansiacal, Antalin, A-Poxide, Apo-Chlorax, Balance, Benpine, Benzodiapin, Bralix, Cebrum, Chlobax, Corax, Corium, Cozep, Defobin, Diapatol, Diazepoxin, Disarim, Elenium, Emotrip, Episindrome, Eposal, Epoxide, Equibral, Equilibrium, Equirex, Gabil, Garceptol, Gaseofin, Gastrolen, Helogaphen, Huberplex, Kalmocaps, Kenspa, Klimax-H Taeschner, Klimax-N Taeschner, Klopoxid, Klorpo, Klotriptyl, Labican, Lentotran, Lerogin, Liblan, Librax, Libraxin, Librelease, Libritabs, Librocol, Limbatril, Limbatrilin, Limbitrol, Limbitryl, Lironex, Medilium, Medocalum, Menostress, Menotensil, Menrium, Mitran, Morelin, Multum, Nirvaxal, No-Ref, Normaxin, Normide, Novapam, Novo-Poxide, Oasil, OCM, Omnalio, Paliatin, Pantrop, Paxium, Plafonyl, Pobrax, Profisin, Psichial, Psico Blocan, Psicofar, Psicosedin, Psicoterina, Quilar, Radepur, Relaxedans, Reliberan, Reposans, Risolid, Rliberan, Sedans, Sedogastrol, Seren, Seren Vita, Servium, Silibrin, SK-Lygen, Solium, Spasrax, Templax, Tensil, Tensoliv, Tranvagal, Tumax, Viansin, Zepobrax [36-200]
Cinolazepam Gerodorm 9
Clobazam Frisium, Castilium, Clarmyl, Clopax, Frisin, Grifoclobam, Karidium, Mystan, Noiafren, Sederlona, Urbadan, Urbanil, Urbanol, Urbanyl 12-60
Clonazepam Rivotril, Acepran, Alerion, Antelepsin, Ciclox, Clonagin, Clonapam, Clonax, Cloner, Clonex, Clonogal, Clonotril, Cloron, Clozanil, Crismol, Diocam, Edictum, Epitril, Epizam, Felanor, Iktorivil, Induzepam, Kenoket, Klonopin, Kriadex, Leptic, Neuryl, Olimer, Ozepam, Paxam, Ravotril, Riuclonaz, Rivatril, Ropsil, Sedovanon, Sensaton, Solfidin, Valpax 18-50
Clorazepate Dipotassium Tranxene, Anxielax, Calner, Cloramed, Cloraxene, Clorazecaps, Clorazetabs, Clozene, Diposef, Dipot, Dorken, Euciton Complex, Flulium, Gen-Xene, Justum, Manotran, Maxitratobes, Modival, Noctran, Novo-Clopate, Polizep, Pomadom, Posene, Sanor, Serene, Tencilan, Trancap, Tranclor, Trancon, Transene, Tranxal, Tranxen, Tranxilen, Tranxilene, Tranxilium, Tranxilium Digest, Uni-Tranxene, Vegestabil, Zetran [36-200]
Clotiazepam Clozan, Distensan, Rize, Rizen, Tienor, Trecalmo, Veratran 6-17
Cloxazolam Akton, Betavel, Cloxam, Clozal, Elum, Lubalix, Olcadil, Sepazon, Tolestan **
Delorazepam aka chlordesmethyldiazepam Briantum, Cipaxil, Dadumir, En, Stasyl 60-200
Diazepam Dialar, Rimapam, Stesolid, Tensium, Valclair, Acordin, Adepsique, Alboral, Aliseum, Alupam, Alupram, Aneural, Ansilive, Ansiolin, Ansium, Antenax, Antenex, Anxicalm, Apaurin, Apollonset, Apozepam, Arnol, Arzepam, Arzipam, Aspaserine B6 Tranq, Assival, AT-V, Atarviton, Atensine, Atilen, Azepam, Bensedin, Benzopin, Benzyme, Betamed, Betapam, Bialtepam, Bialzepam, Calmaven, Calmigen, Calmociteno, Calmosedan, Calmpose, Cardiosedantol, Ceregulart, Compaz, Complutine, Cuadel, Dafne, Daiv, Depsonil-DZ, Dericip Plus, Dezepan, Diacepam, Diaceplex, Diaceplex Simple, Diactal, Dialudon, Diano, Diapam, Diapanil, Diapine, Diapo, Diaquel, Diastat, Diatex, Diatrex, Diaz, Diazefast, Diazelong, Diazemuls, Diazep, Diazepan, Dicepin B6, Dienpax, Dipam, Dipezona, Dislembral, Disopam, Distedon, Dizac, Dizan, Dizepam, Dobesix, Doval, D-Pam, Drenian, Drenidan, Ducene, Duradiazepam, Dynapam, Edym Sedante, Elcion, Elongal, Elthon, Emergent-Ez, Eridan, Esbelcaps, Ethipam, Evacalm, Fabotranil, Faradil (multi-ingredient preparation), Farmin, Fastium, Faustan, Freudal, Gamibetal Compositum, Gamibetal Plus, Gastrausil D, Gastrodyn comp, Gefarnax, Gewacalm, Glutasedan, Gobanal, Harmomed, Hexalid, Imepas, Intensol, Kiatrium, Kratium, Lamra, Laxyl, Lembrol, Letansil, Levium, Mandro-Zep, Medipam, Mesolona, Metamidol, Meval, Micronoan, Moderine, Morosan, Multisedil, Nerolid, Nerolyd, Neurocefal Tranqui, Neurolytril, Nitrapamil, Noan, Nofagus, Novazam, Novo-Dipam, Numencial, Onapan, Ortopsique, Paceum, Pacinax, Pacitran, Pacium, Pasminox Somatico, Pax, Paxate, Paxel, Paxum, Pazolini, Pertranquil, Placidox, Plidan, Plidex, Podium, Prizem, Promidan, Propam, Pro-pam, Psychopax, Qual, Rayne, Rec-DZ, Redotex, Relanium, Relapamil, Relasan, Relazepam, Relium, Rupediz, Saromet, Scriptopam, Seda-Presomen, Sedantol, Sedapam, Sedilit, Sediver, Sedonervil Complex, Seduxen, Seduxen RG, Seredyn, Setonil, Sico Relax, Silentan, Sipam, Solis, Somaplus, Somatico, Spasen Somatico, Spasmeridan, Spasmomen, Stedon, Stesolin, Talema, T-Quil, Tandial, Tel-E-Ject, Telsomet, Tepazepam, Tepazepan, Timab, Tranimul, Tranquase, Tranquirit, Tranquo, Tranquo-Tablinen, Tratobes, Tropargal, Umbrium, Uni Diazepax, Unisedil, V Day Zepam, Valaxona, Valenium, Valiquid, Valitran, Valium, Valix, Valocordin-Diazepam, Valpam, Valpinax, Valrelease, Vanzor, Vatran, Valtrax, Vertipam, Vetansil, Vincosedan, Vival, Vivol, Zepan, Zepose, Zeprat, Zetran, Zopam

20-100 [36-200]

Doxefazepam Doxans 3-4
Estazolam Domnamid, Esilgan, Eurodin, Kainever, Noctal, Nuctalon, Prosom, Somnatrol, Tasedan 10-24
Ethyl loflazepate Meilax, Victan 50-100
Etizolam Depas, Pasaden, Sedekopan 3-15
Fludiazepam Era, Erispan 23-48
Flunitrazepam Absint, Darkene, Flunepan, Fluni, Flunibeta, Flunimerck, Fluninoc, Flunipam, Flunita, Flupam, Fluscand, Fluserin, Flutraz, Guttanotte, Hipnosedon, Hypnocalm, Hypnodorm, Hypnor, Ilman, Insom, Ipnopen, Modipanol, Narcozep, Neo Nifalium, Nervocuril, Nilium, Noriel, Parsimonil, Primum, Rohipnol, Rohydorm, Rohypnol, Roipnol, Ronal, Sedex, Somnubene, Valsera, Vulbegal

18-26 [36-200]

Flurazepam Dalmane, Dalmadorm, Dalmane, Dalmodorm, Dalpam, Dormodor, Felisol, Felison, Flunox, Fluralema, Fluraz, Flurazepam Capsules BP 1993, Fordrim, Irdal, Midorm AR, Morfex, Novoflupam, Paxane, Remdue, Somnol, Staurodorm, Staurodorm Neu, Valdorm [40-250]
Gidazepam Hydazepam ???
Halazepam aka Alazepam Alapryl, Alazepam, Pacinone, Paxipam 15-35 [30-100]
Haloxazolam Somelin ???
Ketazolam Anseren, Ansieten, Ansietil, Anxon, Contamex, Loftran, Marcen, Sedatival, Sedotime, Solatran, Unakalm 30-100 [36-200]
Loprazolam Dormonoct, Havlane, Laprazolam mesylate, Loprazolam Tablets BP 1993, Somnovit, Sonin 6-12
Lorazepam Ativan, Abinol, Almazine, Amparax, Anosedil, Ansilor, Anta, Anxicam, Anxira, Aplacasse, Aripax, Calmatron, Calmese, Calmogenol, Cicletan, Control, Divial, Donix, Dorm, Duralozam, Emotival, Equitam, Ergocalm, Idalprem, Kalmalin, Larpose, LAtiwen, Laubeel, Lauracalm, Lonza, Lora, Lorabenz, Lorafen, Loram, Loramed, Lorans, Lorapam, Lorasifar, Lorax, Loraz, Loraz (FM), Lorazene, Lorazep, Lorazepam Dorom, Lorazepam Injection BP 1993, Lorazepam Injection USP 23, Lorazepam Oral Concentrate USP 23, Lorazepam Tablets BP 1993, Lorazepam Tablets USP 23, Lorazepan, Lorenin, Lorezan, Loridem, Lorium, Lorivan, Lorsedal, Lorzem, Max-Pax, Merlit, Mesmerin, Microzepam, Modium, Nervistop L, Nifalin, Novhepar, Novo-Lorazem, Nu-Loraz, Optisedine, Ora, Orfidal, Piralone, Placinoral, Pro Dorm, Proneurit, Punktyl, Quait, Razepam, Sedatival, Sedazin, Sedicepan, Sedizepan, Serenase, Sidenar, Sinestron, Somagerol, Somnium, Tavor, Temesta, Titus, Tolid, Tran-Qil, Tranavan, Trankilium, Tranqipam, Trapax, Tratenamin, Vigiten 10-20
Lormetazepam aka methyllorazepam Aldosomnil, Dilamet, Ergocalm, Lembrol, Loramet, Loretam, Lormetazepam Tablets BP 1993, Minias, Noctamid, Noctamide, Nocton, Octonox, Pronoctan, Repocal, Sedaben, Sedobrina, Stilaze 10-12
Medazepam Ansilan, Debrum, Debrun, Lerisum, Medacepan, Medazepam Capsules BP 1993, Megasedan, Nobritol, Nobritol Forte, Nobrium, Rudotel, Rusedal, Tranquirax 36-200
Mexazolam Melex, Sedoxil 70
Midazolam* Hypnovel, Dalam, Doricum, Dormicum, Dormid, Dormire, Dormium, Drimnorth, Dormonid, Fulsed, Gobbizolam, Ipnovel, Midacum, Midaselect, Midazol, Midolam, Noctura, Ormir, Rem, Terap, Ukel, Versed, Zolamid, Zolidan, Zolmid 1.8-6
Nimetazepam Erimin, Lavol ???
Nitrazepam Mogadon, Remnos, Somnite, Alodorm, Apodorm, Arem, Cavodan, Dima, Dormalon, Dormigen, Dormo-Puren, Dumolid, Eatan N, Eunoctin, Hypnotex, Imeson, Insoma, Insomin, Ipersed, Mitidin, Mogadan, Mogadon, Nilandron, Nitavan, Nitepam, Nitrados, Nitrapan, Nitravet, Nitrazadon, Nitrazep, Nitrazepam Capsules BP 1993, Nitrazepam Oral Suspension BP 1993, Nitrazepam Tablets BP 1993, Nitrazepan, Nitrazepol, Nitredon, Nitrosun, Novanox, Numbon, Onirema, Ormodon, Pacisyn, Paxadorm, Pelson, Pelsonfilina, Protraz, Radedorm, Remnos, Serenade, Somnibel N, Somnipar, Somnite, Sonebon, Sonotrat, Surem, Tri, Unisomnia, 15-38
Nordazepam aka desmethyldiazepam Calmday, Madar, Madar notte, Nordaz, Praxadium, Sopax, Stilny, Tranxilium N, Vegesan [36-200]
Oxazepam Adumbran, Adumbran, Alepam, Alepan, Alopam, Anastil, Antoderin, Anxiocard, Anxiolit, Anxiolit plus, Aplakil, Azutranquil, Benzotran, Buscopax, Cavodan, Constantonin, Durazepam, Durazepam anxiocard, Limbial, Medopam, Mirfudorm, Murelax, Noctazepam, Noripam, Norkotral N, Novo Aerofil Sedante, Novoxapam, Novo Aerofil Sedante, Opamox, Ovaribran, Ox-Pam, Oxa-Puren; Oxa, Oxabenz, Oxahexal, Oxaline, Oxamin, Oxanid, Oxapam, Oxazepam Capsules USP 23, Oxapax, Oxascand, Oxazepam Tablets BP 1993, Oxazepam Tablets USP 23, Oxepam, Pankreoflat Sedante, Pausafren T, Persumbran, Persumbrax, Praxiten, Praxiten SP, Psiquiwas, Purata, Quilibrex, Sedioton, Serax, Serenal, Serenid, Serenid D, Serenid Forte, Serepax, Seresta, Serpax, Sigacalm, Sobile, Sobril, Spasmo-Praxiten, Suxidina, Tazepam, Tranquo, Tranquo-Buscopan, Uskan, Vaben, Vuscobras, Zapex, Zaxopam 4-15
Oxazolam Hializan, Serebon, Serenal, Tranquit 10-20 [36-200]
Phenazepam Cinazepam, Fenazepam 60
Pinazepam Domar, Duna 40-100
Prazepam Centrac, Centrax, Dementrin, Demetrin, Equipaz, Lysanxia, Mono Demetrin, Pozapam, Prasepine, Prazene, Prazepam Capsules USP 23, Prazepam Tablets USP 23, Reapam, Sedapran, Settima, Trepidan, Verstran [30-200]
Quazepam Doral, Dormalin, Dorme, Oniria, Prosedar, Quazium, Quiedorm, Selepam, Temodal 20-502
Ripazepam Pyrazapon ???
Temazepam aka methyloxazepam Crisonar, Dasuen, Euhypnos, Euhypnos Forte, Euipnos, Gelthix, Levanxene, Levanxol, Mabertin, Neodorm SP, Nocturne, Nomapam, Norkotral Tema, Normison, Nortem, Perdorm, Planum, Pronervon, Pronervon T, Razepam, Redupax Planpak, Remestan, Reposium, Restoril, Signopam, Signopharm, Somapam, Temador, Temaz, Temaze, Temazep, Temazepam Capsules USP 23, Temazepam Oral Solution BP 1993, Temazin, Temazine, Temtabs, Tenox, Tenso, Texapam, Veroqual, Z-Pam 8-22
Tetrazepam Miolastan, Mobiforton, Musapam, Musaril, Muskelat, Myolastan, Myospasmal, Panos, Rilex, Spasmorelax, Tepam, Tethexal, Tetramdura, Tetra-saar, Tetramdura, Tetrazep 3-26
Tofisopam Emandaxin, Grandaxin, Seriel 2.7-3.5 [15-21]
Triazolam Apo-Triazo, Dumozolam, Halcion, Hypam, Novo-Triolam, Novodorm, Nu-Triazo, Rilamir, Somese, Songar, Triazolam Tablets USP 23, Trilam, Trycam 2
Zolpidem Stilnoct, Adco-Zolpidem, Adormix, Albapax, Ambien, Ambiz, Amsic, Atrimon, Balidorm, Bikalm, Cedrol, Cymerion, Dalparan, Damixan, Dormilam, Dormosol, Durnit, Eanox, Eudorm, Hipnoton, Hypnogen, Ivadal, Ivedal, Lioram, Mondeal, Myslee, Nimadorm, Niotal, Nitrest, Nocte, Nottem, Nytamel, Paranova, Sanval, Somit, Somnil, Somnipron, Somno, Sove, Stella, Stilnoct, Stilnox, Stilnox Europharma DK, Sucedal, Sumenan, Zimor, Zleep, Zodorm, Zodormdura, Zoldem, Zoldorm, Zolirin, Zolnod, Zolodorm, Zolpi-Lich, Zolpi Q, Zolpic, Zolpidem 1 A Pharma, Zolpidem AbZ, Zolpidem AL, Zolpidem Alpharma, Zolpidem AZU, Zolpidem Bayvit, Zolpidem Belmac, Zolpidem beta, Zolpidem Bexal, Zolpidem Biochemie, Zolpidem Chemo, Zolpidem Cuve, Zolpidem Davur, Zolpidem Edigen, Zolpidem GEA, Zolpidem Geminis, Zolpidem Heumann, Zolpidem Lasa, Zolpidem Merck, Zolpidem MK, Zolpidem Neuraxpharm, Zolpidem Normon, Zolpidem Puren, Zolpidem ratiopharm, Zolpidem real, Zolpidem Sandoz, Zolpidem Stada, Zolpidem TAD, Zolpidem TEVA, Zolpidem Ur, Zolpidem von ct, Zolpihexal, Zolpinox, Zonoct 2
Zopiclone Zimovane, Alchera, Alpaz, Alti-Zopiclone, Amvey, Apo-Zopiclone, Cronus, Datolan, Espa-dorm, Eurovan, Foltran, Gen-Zopiclone, Imoclone, Imovane, Imozop, Insomnium, Limovan, Losopil, Merck-Zopiclone, Nenia, Neurolil, Noctirex, Nocturno, Nocturno LS, Novidorm Z, Nu-Zopiclone, Nuctane, Optidorm, Relaxon, Rhovane, Sandoz-Zopiclone, Sedorm, Serenex, Siaten, Somnal, Somnol, Somnosan, Ximovan, Zedax, Zetix, Zileze, Zimoclone, Zo-Tab, Zodurat, Zometic, Zolief, Zomni, Zonap, Zonix, Zop, Zopi-Puren, Zopicalm, Zopicalma, Zopiclodura, Zopiclona, Zopiclone Alpharma, Zopiclon AbZ, Zopiclon AL, Zopiclon AZU, Zopiclone "Dumex-Alpharma", Zopiclon, Zopiclon beta, Zopiclon Generics, ZopiclonLich, Zopiclon Neuraxpharm, Zopiclon-ratiopharm, Zopiclon Sandoz, Zopiclon Stada, Zopiclon TAD, Zopiclon Teva, Zopiclon von ct, Zopicon, Zopiklon "NM", Zopiklon NM Pharma, Zopimed, Zopinox, Zopiratio, Zopitan, Zopivane, Zorclone, Z-dorm 5-6
Zaleplon Sonata, Hegon, Hipnodem, Noctiplon, Plenidon, Rhem, Somnipax, Starnoc, Zalep, Zaplon, Zaso, Zelepion, Zerene 2
Eszopiclone Lunesta 6-9
Alpidem Ananxyl 18-20
Alcohol aka Ethanol Smirnoff, Budweiser, Guinness, Stella Artois and many others 0.5-2

NOTE* Midazolam is only available in injectable form in the U.K. It is available in tablet and syrup form in some other countries.

NOTE** I was unable to obtain a half life for Cloxazolam but was able to find out it is considered a long half life benzodiazepine.

NOTE*** Indiplon is the latest sleeping pill currently in clinical trials and has gained FDA approval for the treatment of insomnia and is likely to appear on the market soon. It does not as of yet have a brand name assigned to it. As with the benzodiazepines and the Z drugs it acts at benzodiazepine receptors on the GABAa receptors. Thus this drug as with the other Z drugs listed in the green boxes although molecularly distinct from classical benzodiazepines they are pharmacologically the same in how they work on the benodiazepine receptor. In simple laymans terms from a tolerance/addiction view point this drug (Indiplon) should be treated as a benzodiazepine drug with a similar potential for addiction and therefore withdrawal symptoms. UPDATE Pfizer has at this time abandoned its attempt to get indiplon approved for launch.

Below are some useful pages on our site

Benzodiazepine Equivalency and Half Life Table

We have another benzodiazepine table for information on benzodiazepine equivalent doses and elimination half-lives. It is important to be aware of the different benzodiazepine equivalencies to avoid accidental overdose or taking too small of a dose when switching from one benzodiazepine to another which may prevoke a withdrawal reaction.

Click Here to view our benzodiazepine half life and equivalency table.

Problematic Medications and Drugs in Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Some people require medication in withdrawal. Although the vast majority of medicines will not cause any problems in withdrawal there is a handful which are commonly reported as being problematic in benzodiazepine withdrawal. We at BCNC give warning on these medications / Drugs. It is recommended that you spend a few minutes reading this page.

Click HERE to see what BCNC feel should be contra-indicated in benzodiazepine recovery.

Common Side Effects and Withdrawal Effects from Long Term Usage of Benzodiazepines

Many people develop symptoms during long term usage of benzodiazepines despite previously being able to tolerate their benzo's. As well as this typically many people suffer withdrawal effects when trying to discontinue their benzo. The most common symptoms are memory loss, reduced cognitive skills, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, behaviour and personality changes and agorophobia. We have provided a comprehensive list of side effects and withdrawal effects from benzodiazepines.

Click HERE For Benzodiazepine Side Effects and Withdrawal Symptoms.

Benzodiazepines and Pregnancy

Sue Bibby writes on the subject of benzodiazepine sedative hypnotic use and their effects in pregnancy and the risks associated with it.

Click HERE to read about tranquillisers and sleeping pill use in pregnancy.

Why to use Diazepam (Valium) for tapering

Dr JG McConnell has written an excellent article on the pharmacological benefits of using diazepam (valium) for tapering off of benzodiazepines and the nonbenzodiazepine Z drugs.

Click HERE to view Dr JG McConnells Article on Tapering with Diazepam

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