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There’s little doubt we’re living longer and we are certainly living longer in retirement. You’ve worked hard living the Great Australian dream and now you own your own home. Maybe you worked a little too hard, but didn’t put enough aside to build the nest egg you need to draw on in your retirement years. You’re not alone!

The wealth you’ve accumulated in your property is likely to be substantial. Now there’s a way of drawing on some of this equity to help you maintain your current quality of life or achieve a better lifestyle in your retirement. It’s known as a Reverse Mortgage” or “Equity Release loan”.

A traditional mortgage converts income into equity, whereas a reverse mortgage converts equity into income. This can be achieved either through your own home or an investment property. You can choose to receive the payment as a lump sum, regular repayments or a combination of both. A reverse mortgage will free up the equity in your home so you are free to enjoy your retirement. After all, your home is where you’ve put most of your money, so it should be yours to enjoy.

No monthly repayments are required and you repay the loan when you sell, move out, transfer your home, or pass away.

ReverseLink has improved hundreds of Australians lifestyles in every state and territory by finding the right reverse mortgage to suit their  individual needs.

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Question 1

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

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Question 2

How much can I borrow?

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Question 3

Will my Pension or Government benefits be affected?

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Question 4

What is a No Negative Equity Guarantee?

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Question 5

Do I still own my home?

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Question 6

Can I protect some equity in my home?

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Question 7

What is the interest rate & fees?

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Question 8

How do I receive the funds?

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Question 9

Can I use a Reverse Mortgage to Obtain a Deposit Bond?

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