Conversion Manager

Recover up to 50% of Abandoned Online Shopping Carts & Web Forms

Conversion Manager

SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager is for brands, retailers, and ecommerce websites who want to recover up to 50% of abandoned shopping carts or lead capture forms by providing their website visitors with real time on-site messages, personalized email follow-ups and retargeted advertisements.

The Market Leader in Shopping Cart Recovery

shopping-cart-iStock_000012028148XSmall-resized-201Conversion Manager is the market leading service for recovering abandoned shopping carts yielding the highest ROI in eCommerce. SeeWhy’s software service unites individual buying behavior data with real time remarketing technology to automatically trigger the right marketing message to prospects using the right channel at the right time, as soon as they’ve abandoned a shopping cart or lead capture form.




Key Conversion Manager Benefits

    • Spectacular ROI ─ Recovers up to 50% of abandoned shopping carts and lead capture forms, generating the highest ROI in ecommerce


    • Proven Technology ─ Deployed on more than 4,000 ecommerce sites, including some of the world’s largest, Conversion Manager is proven in enterprise scale, global deployments.


    • Real time Synchronization ─ Tracks all visits in real time to ensure every campaign is in step with the customer, enabling brands to send real time and multi-stage campaigns that drive customers back to buy.


    • Suppression Logic – Automatically ensures that ecommerce do not contact customers who have purchased or have been recently contacted. Integrated with SeeWhy Browse Manager to coordinate browse and cart campaigns.


    • Built-in A/B Testing ─ Optimizes email creativity, promotions and behavioral targeting, making it easy to maximize recovered revenues across real time and multi-stage campaigns.


    • Campaign Rules ─ Easily triggers different content for unique users, such as sending campaigns in different languages, offering/not offering promotions based on category, and capturing other products of interest.


    • Behavioral Scoring ─ Use promotions safely in your shopping cart abandonment campaigns by only offering promotions to price sensitive abandoners.


    • Retargeted Ads ─ Deploys retargeted 1to1 personalized advertising campaigns, coordinating cross-channel campaigns to maximize your ad budget and campaign effectiveness


    • Dashboard Reporting ─ Allows marketers to easily view, download, and analyze campaign performance snapshots and a 360-degree view of cart values, abandonments and recovered sales data.


  • Easy set up: Easy and quick to go live by leveraging pre-integrated connectors with more than 30+ ecommerce platforms, email service providers, ad and chat services.