Bolt is a free replacement for Android’s default phone app.

Install Bolt to talk for free with other Bolt users, automatically discover who you talk to most, and streamline your calling experience.

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All your calls in one place

Bolt is a single app you can use to call any contact who has a phone number. No need to add new usernames for your family and friends or leave the app to call your bank. Bolt just works without making you think.

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100% Free
Bolt User Image: Kenzi

Calls to Bolt users are free!

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Standard Rate
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Calls without Bolt work too!

All your contacts

Call people, not numbers

Bolt is optimized to help you find the person you want to call quickly and easily. We figure out the people you talk with most often and put them in your favorites list automatically. Contacts who aren't in your favorites are just a quick search away.

No internet connection?

Don't worry! Bolt will use existing cellular connections to make calls even when you don't have internet access.

Clean, design-focused dialer

Call-focused design

Bolt eliminates distractions. No ads or stickers. No unnecessary notifications. Just get in, make a call, and get out. The way calling should work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call people who aren’t using Bolt?
Yes. When you use the Bolt app to call someone outside of Bolt, the app falls back to your voice plan and uses your existing minutes to complete the call. However your carrier will charge its normal rate for these calls.
What if someone without Bolt calls me?
Your phone will ring, same as always. Bolt doesn’t change your phone number or anything else about the way normal inbound calls work.
Can I use Bolt on more than one device?
Not currently, although we are working hard to add support for multiple devices soon.
How does Bolt know who my Favorites are?
The Bolt app keeps track of who you talk to the most and puts those people in your favorites list. And the more you use Bolt, the smarter it gets.
Can I use Bolt on my iPhone?
Not yet, but an iOS app is coming soon. Sign up for early access!
Can I use Bolt alongside other phone apps?
Yes. Bolt doesn’t interfere with the way that other phone apps work. But why would you use any other phone app once you have Bolt? ;)
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