Dec 19

Vaping Explained

The term “vaping” is a word so new it does not turn up in most dictionaries, but expect to see it in the newest editions coming soon, especially with vape being named the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary.

It’s a word that combines “vapor” with “smoking” to represent an action much like smoking in its movements, but different in essence.

woman vapingVaping Explained

What is vaping?

When someone “vapes,” he uses an electronic device to inhale vapor created by liquid which has been heated to the point of evaporation.

Smoking is different: one inhales smoke created by the burning of tobacco, paper, and thousands of chemicals used to grow and treat tobacco.

E liquid does not contain tobacco leaves although some tobacco-flavored e juices have been created by extracting juice from tobacco plants.

How Does the Electronic Part Work?

Think of the stove top on your oven. There is a coil which heats up and conducts heat directly to the liquid in a pot sitting on top of it. Eventually, that liquid becomes hot enough to produce steam which escapes in vapory clouds above the pot. This coil uses gas or electricity as a source of heat.

E cigs draw power from a battery, using electricity to heat a coil (like a stove element) which heats e liquid until it is hot enough to form steamy clouds of white vapor. A vaper inhales this vapor by drawing it through a hole in the tip of the e cig or a tip placed over a tank.

Is it Safe?

Scientists aren’t sure yet if vaping is safe, but they can tell you right now that it’s safer than smoking. While some chemicals are involved in the making of most e liquids (nicotine, where required, and artificial flavorings), they amount to a handful, some found in food, and most considered generally safe for consumption.

If you ever ate a donut made with artificial flavoring, then e liquid probably isn’t any worse. One question scientists have is whether inhalation makes some chemicals more potent than ingestion, but work is still underway.

As far as smokers are concerned, the switch to e cigs has routinely been beneficial, according to many vapers. Vaping cannot be classified as a smoking cessation method, but many people claim that is what they’ve done, and studies are looking into this area on a continuing basis – such as this recently published study, at the time of this writing.

E Liquid Styles

Vapers do not have to taste the flavors they associate with cigarettes anymore but have access to unlimited possibilities. Most of them are sweet: fruits, desserts, candy, and chocolate.

Many flavors taste like drinks such as coffee, tea, milkshakes, and cola. A number of tobacco and menthol-style e liquids are also available.

Dec 18

Halo Cigs

Cigarette tips just burn, but e cigs glow. You can’t see it from the vaping end, but bystanders really notice that tiny but bright LED tip at the end of your Halo e cig.

These products were the Editor’s Choice at PC Magazine for two years, good enough reason to get to know this long-standing American brand, not just for their lauded flavors but also their exceptional hardware. It’s not just experts who rate Halo highly; customers have placed them near the top of the charts too.

Halo Cigs Coupon Codes

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A Halo Cigs Review

halocigsHere is what you find at Halo.

Overall pricing is affordable and noticeably lower than many company’s pricing (I’m thinking particularly of Vuse and BluCigs).

Their selection of flavors is excellent (consider Green Smoke which does not sell e juice and just about any e cig company whose juice-making conditions and the quality of their ingredients are not stated.)

Battery life is excellent; customer service will win your hardened consumer heart; and flavors are sure to teach your taste buds to love life again.

G6 E Cig Starter Kits

G6 E CigaretteThe G6 is a basic kit for those coming to e cigs from the very beginning.

You do not have to start here, and it seems a shame to eschew bright Halo colors for a cigalike pattern of white and tan, but you can take the route if you want to.

Halo respects the timid and the bold vaper alike. Choose from 9 colors which include Lime, Deep Purple, and Titanium.

If you pick a package with pre-filled cartomizers, these will match the batteries’ color.

If you opt for blanks (meaning you have to buy juice separately and fill the cartomizers yourself) it is possible to mix and match.

Choose a five-pack from 9 available pre-filled flavors of Purity e juice. Your two batteries can be automatic, manual, or one of each.

The price is just $44.99 with a case and charging kit.

Halo’s Triton Titan

Triton Tank starter kitMost people make a fuss about Halo’s Triton starter kit; this is the one that Halo is proudest of.

It gives clients the chance to vape for longer on one charge and to sample more flavors from their 23 selections of e juice.

If you started with a G6 and are ready for more power, stick with Halo and move on to this big e cig.

The Triton kit for $66.99 contains 2 batteries (you choose the size), 2 Crystal Clear tanks, a cone, charging kit, and a case.

The one thing missing here is a bottle of e liquid and Halo might want to consider throwing in one of their 7ml bottles to sweeten the deal.

If that meant adjusting the price slightly (to $68.99, for instance) as a trade-off, I don’t think customers would mind. That would still be cheaper than buying the kit plus a bottle of e liquid for $5.99 (an excellent price for high-quality juice).

There are 11 colors of Triton by the way: Yellow Jacket, Mocha, and Princess Pink just scratch the surface. At a party, the Halo Triton would appear to be a part of the décor, catching the light from a disco ball, and giving a vaper a surreal glow.

E Liquid at Halo

Halo PurityLet’s get back to the subject of e liquid because, to be honest, that’s what vaping is all about.

Those 23 flavors are so good you will not be limiting yourself to 7ml bottles for long.

Most e juices contain tobacco flavor because the makers of Halo Purity e juice are tobacco connoisseurs.

None of their flavors contain actual tobacco, but they emulate the elements of cigarette, pipe, and cigar styles admirably without compromising quality or flavor.

In fact, vapers are better placed to appreciate these flavors (ironically) than they were as pipe, cigarette, or cigar smokers. A 30-ml glass bottle (7 ml comes in plastic) costs $19.99. While some brands charge just $14.99, you don’t find their juices rubbing shoulders with celebrity juices sold by high-end vape shops. Purity is up there, priced less than those other famous juices but just as good.

Halo makes their products using FEMA/GRAS ingredients and USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Bottles are sealed with child-proof caps.

Kringle’s Curse can be equated to a peppermint tobacco: not menthol; something that stands out from the ordinary. Longhorn is a bold fire-cured Corojo and Cavendish mixture. Experience cool menthol e juice: SubZero.

Try a Pina Colada with light menthol when you select Malibu e juice. There are loads more to choose from: some smooth and some bold; many refreshing with mint, others rich with chocolate, or a satisfying blend of both.

Points, Website, and More

I love the Halo website for the way it is laid out, almost like an arcade game, but more professional. Colors and organization provide youthful appeal, but not so youthful that I feel the brand attracts actual youth. Children do not tend to find tobacco appealing the way marshmallow and cotton candy flavored e juices are appealing.

You can be your bold self with their numerous bright-colored e cigs. Loyalty rewards help customers save up for new items: 75 points per $20 spent. Batteries rated 650 mAh cost $16.99 while G6 cells are priced $12.99.

Halo is competitive with their pricing. You could so easily be spending $20 or more for some of the eGo-style batteries from other brands. Here you can buy a 400 mAh or as big as a 1300-mAh Twist at Halo, although their threading is proprietary.

Overall I’m impressed by Halo but it’s time for them to shake things up a little. I see little changes in website presentation. These tiny, subtle, stylistic adjustments don’t mean much to someone who knows the industry well and regularly reviews his options.

I would love it if Halo added a new e-liquid flavor or some excellent new piece of hardware, just to get my attention and attract attention from some of the other vendors. But maybe some of Halo’s appeal is that they don’t play that game.

Dec 17

South Beach Smoke

Has your spouse been nice this year but also a little naughty, continuing to smoke when she knows smoking is bad for her? If you have never smoked, you do not know how hard it is to quit.

But there are options — alternatives to smoking which replace addictive behavior, a nicotine rush, or both. You can have your “cigarette” without the smoke when you try a South Beach Smoke e cigarette.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Codes

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Also, save 25% on starter kits for a limited time


southbeachsmokeWho Are They?

South Beach Smoke is a Florida e cig company owned by the International Vaping Group, sister company of VaporFi and Eversmoke.

For half a decade, they have sold one of the most popular cigalikes in America. In fact, South Beach Smoke calls theirs the top-rated e cig.

Today, South Beach Smoke also offers a selection of vaporizers: devices that do the same thing as cigalikes, only better and for longer.

With these additions, South Beach Smoke has added bottled e liquid to their menu of flavors while also expanding their selection of cartridge flavors.

Products at South Beach Smoke

South Beach Deluxe KitBeginners should start with a Deluxe Kit: all of them are Deluxe including a standard starter, Pro, Deluxe Plus, and Couples Kit.

A standard set for $59.99 comes with two batteries (small and large), a charging kit, and 10 cartridges. It is not a bad price, especially with 10 cartridges and their high-capacity battery.

The “Plus” version also contains a power cig and carry case, but costs $30 more. Consider the Pro for $159.99 and you also receive a 3rd battery (making 2 high-capacity batteries and 1 small battery), portable charging case, car adapter, lanyard, and 20 cartridges.

A kit for couples doubles the standard bundle and adds two car chargers but only costs $109.99. The only smaller set available is the Reusable Express: $21.99 for a single rechargeable e cig with one extra cartridge and a USB charger.

With all but the last set, you choose your flavor and strength of cartridges. Express Kits come in medium strength with menthol or tobacco refills. These are replaceable in increments of 15 and are among the most expensive cartridges you can buy.

VaporFi is more expensive; Eversmoke charges the same amount. Companies like V2 Cigs, White Cloud, 777, and Halo E Cigs charge less per cartridge, but new vapers need to exercise caution when comparing the prices of pre-filled atomized cartridges. They are not interchangeable with each other. Certain threading profiles can be swapped around or adapters are available, but that is not always the case.

Vaporizers at South Beach Smoke

South Beach Custom VaporizersThere is always the next level of vaping: with vaporizers. These provide higher-rated batteries fitted with clearomizers or tanks.

Customers have to fill their own tanks; hardly any brand makes pre-filled cartridges at the higher level (Cigavette is an exception).

Vaporizers look odd when you are new to vaping — large, like cigars, but colorful like gel pens too. One feels conspicuous vaping such a device at first, but that sensation should wear off.

Vaporizers are far more common today than they were five years ago. The South Beach Smoke Storm resembles a Kanger Evod with its straight shape and a cartomizer featuring a viewing window.

The Air, in its smallest format, offers a discrete way to vaporize e liquid at the low cost of $29.99 for the kit.

Curve kits, like bundles for the Storm, cost $49.99 and bear little resemblance to anything currently available as far as their shape is concerned. Enjoy the voluptuous shape of a very feminine and colorful device.

The Thunder is made for advanced vapers, so don’t think about buying one for a newbie: maybe keep it for yourself. You pay $99.99 for the kit.

South Beach Smoke also supplies the fun choice of a custom vaporizer builder. Select a tank and a battery in matching, complementary, or clashing colors, and pick out accessories to go with them (chargers and atomizer heads). Your vaporizer is built on the screen so you know what to expect when your parcel arrives.

South Beach Smoke E Liquid

South Beach Smoke e liquidBottles of nicotine juice at South Beach Smoke measure 30 ml and contain high-quality products made to USP and FDA standards. Although e liquid has not been approved by the FDA, facilities for blending this juice are approved by this same organization.

Their flavors include marshmallow, cotton candy, Summer Tea, Mojito, and various types of tobacco and menthol styles. With e liquid, you save a lot of money.

Clearomizers with replaceable atomizers last longer than cartomizers for cigalikes, and the juice costs far less per ml (50 cents instead of more than $2).

Also, South Beach Smoke gives you the option to build your own e juice by ordering a blend of two or three e liquid styles to create a product not marketed by the company.

Your order could be original. Use loyalty points earned when you shop to pay for your first bottle.

Dec 12

Green Smoke

This Green Smoke review will look at the product overall but will also consider how you can save money when you become a customer. The company lists numerous ways, encouraging vapers to come on board whether established with some other company or completely new to vaping. Find out more below.

Official Coupon Codes

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Save 10% on kits: OfficialGSCoupon10

Starter Kits at Green Smoke

Green Smoke Pro KitFirst, let’s look at the starter kits they offer at Green Smoke.

Coupon codes listed at the website and on other e cig websites supply discounts, but Green Smoke has reduced their prices in recent months too. They have 5 options, but the first one only costs $18.49.

At less than $20, it’s one of the cheapest packages of its kind with one battery, a USB charger, and 2 menthol or tobacco cartridges. This is a great starting point if you imagine yourself sticking with the rechargeable format or introducing someone else to this method of “smoking.”

The Premium Kit is even better value but it comes with a lot more gear. Choosing this item marks a commitment to vaping. As for saving money, the best way to do that is to buy a kit that contains everything you plan to use as a regular vaper including multiple batteries, a carry case, and a car charging adapter. You always save money this way. Items sold individually from the Green Smoke catalogue are more expensive.

Even if you are not part of a couple, the Love Birds Kit is excellent value because you receive two Pro Kits (worth $74.05 each) but pay just $129.60 (almost $20 less than double). This gives you 6 batteries, two of each charger, 20 cartridges, and two cases.

That would leave you with enough stuff to leave in the car, at a friend’s house, mom and dad’s place, or the office. Besides, batteries and even chargers only last so long: you will end up replacing them eventually, so buy extras in advance.

Green Smoke's CartridgesReplacing Mini Cig Cartridges

Each flavor of cartridge is available in 5-packs for $12.99. This is above average in the industry, but you can bring that price to lower than average by thinking ahead.

Purchase 20 cartridges at a time and you now pay $9.23 per package of 5 cartridges. Volume shopping almost always pays whether you buy from Green Smoke or some other e cig company.

You can save even more money on the cost of replacements by arranging for automatic shipments to arrive at regular intervals on a non-contract basis. In other words, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

Choose from 8 flavors (soon to be just 7 with Chocolate on its way out). Have your chosen flavor delivered every 4 weeks, for example. You will save 10% on your order besides any savings you realize by ordering bulk amounts.

Other Ways to Save with Green Smoke

Here are some more options at Green Smoke for the vaper who is willing to make a bit of effort. Green Smoke will pay the cost of shipping if you will do your part and collect 80 empty cartomizers at a time, sending them back to headquarters in a pre-paid envelope supplied by Green Smoke.

Once they have your old Green Smoke cartridges, the company rewards you with 26 points. These points amount to enough money to buy more cartridges or you can save them. This is a recycling incentive in line with the company’s green policies. They also encourage individuals to recycle their batteries at local depots and post a phone number on their website you can call to locate the closest one to where you live.

With their reward program, Green Smoke provides 5% of your purchase in points so these add up every time you buy something — anything: replacement batteries, chargers, cases, and cartridges. Reward programs aren’t new as most e cig vendors offer them. What you don’t often see are rewards for recycling and the deal below.

For New Green Smoke Customers with Vaping Experience

The company would like to invite vapers from other brands to consider Green Smoke as an alternative. It is not uncommon for a client to be dissatisfied with some other brand and consider giving up altogether. It costs a lot of money to buy one kit after another; try new batteries and new cartridges by yet another company. Returning to cigarettes looks more tempting with every failed experiment.

Customers become discouraged by the e cig industry when a brand fails to deliver. Green Smoke acknowledges your frustration and makes you this offer: send in the 1-battery/USB kit from another company at Green Smoke’s expense and they will send you their equivalent set (the Essentials Kit valued at $18.49) at no cost. Companies like Cigavette, South Beach Smoke, and Eversmoke all make similar products.

Why Should You Trust Green Smoke?

First of all, you don’t have anything to lose by trusting this business if you were let down by another e cig company. Green Smoke is paying all the costs; customers just need to contact them and perhaps lick an envelope.

Secondly, reviews say this is one of the market’s best companies. Not only are they near the top of the charts in sales and ratings, but they have won business awards. You can read comments by hundreds of customers on their website and off-site pages if you want to learn where their popularity comes from.

Thirdly, Green Smoke e liquid cartridges are excellent products with batch-testing numbers for safety. Although their short list of 8 flavors does not compete with firms like V2 with 12 flavors plus limited edition options, and South Beach Smoke carrying 16 e liquid flavors, quality is more important than quantity. Green Smoke cartridges are sealed three times to ensure they remain fresh. If a customer finds a flavor she loves, she could care less what different flavors other vendors have to offer. She can fall in love with Clove, Vanilla, or Menthol with or without nicotine and stick with her favorite flavor until she either quits vaping or tries intermediate vaping. For a lot of people, the cigalike format is all they ever want.

Dec 12

V2 Cigs

With e cig companies, your transaction is not just about handing over money in exchange for goods. Companies join you in making a huge transition away from the lifestyle of a vilified smoker into that of a lauded vaper.

Friends, colleagues, family members, and employees at your chosen e cig brand applaud this brave move towards a healthier, greener, and less costly habit in which you could slowly watch your life improve in more ways than you ever imagined.

In the beginning, vaping appears to cost a lot of money because you pay for electronic equipment and accessories that last rather than buying disposable tar sticks to keep you going for a day or two. At V2 Cigs, they empathize and want to help you make a cheaper transition.

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes and Savings

Use the V4Free program for money towards future purchases


Transitioning with V2 Cigs Painlessly

To this end, V2 Cigs sometimes makes coupon codes available on their website. These include seasonal offers which are basically the same offer with a different code for a new holiday or time of year. They provide discounts off of the full price for starter kits.

Other codes are posted on e cig forums and pages for e cig reviews. Look for them: it is so simple to save 10% off of your first order. Starter kits save you money because individual components in each bundle are discounted as part of a set.

V2 Savings Continue

Other ways to save include becoming a customer. Just join the team and buy your gear from V2 Cigs exclusively, and watch how your points grow. Points can be used to pay for products you will have to buy some time or another such as cartridges or new batteries.

Watch points accumulate and use this system to save money for a whole new product like the Pro Series 3, their upcoming Series 7 or 9, or a new herbal cartridge for the Pro 3-in-1 vaporizer. Hold onto points and buy an EX Series upgrade for your existing Classic Series e cig package.

V4FreeVape 4 Free

Can you really vape for free?

No, nothing is free and you would value it less if it were.

But by spending money for a little while, you can trade points in without spending a single cent and buy yourself an e cig treat: more e liquid, blank cartridges, or a new charging kit, for instance.

All you have to do is join the program by earning points. As you earn points, this places you into a club category which also entitles you to certain discounts and exclusive offers. These are offers not made available to the general public and, depending on your club status, possibly not even other V2 customers.

Shopping is just one way to save at V2: you can also get busy on social media. Let people who follow you on Facebook know that you vape with V2 Cigs. Follow the company with your Twitter account. Refer a friend to V2 Cigs, and if they buy a kit valued at a certain amount or more, you get points to spend.

40 Pack of V2 cartridgesBulk Savings

V2 Cigs pre-filled flavor cartridges are excellent value at $10.33 per package of five.

At least, that value is great when you see what others charge ($12.99 at Green Smoke, $14.99 at VaporFi, $12.99 at Bull Smoke, etc.)

But what if you were to purchase 80 cartridges at a time?

Realistically you can expect to use that many in 4 weeks or so: one month.

So, if you purchased a month’s supply of your favorite flavor, the cost would be $124.48: $7.78 for each box of five cartridges.

The same rule regarding volume purchases applies to V2 Cigs disposable e cigs. A single disposable at the corner store might cost $10. V2 only sells them in bundles of 5 or 10.

Choose to buy 5 at a time for $31.08 (roughly $6 each) or 10 for $57.03 (around $5.70 each). Obviously, it pays to buy a box of ten and either use them or share them.

Christmas is a great time to purchase lots of disposable e cigs and give them out to friends or supply them at parties where you know your smoking friends would love not to be kicked out in the cold.

Zig Zag bulk e liquidE Liquid at V2 Cigs

There is one last way to save money by shopping at V2 Cigs: use their e liquid. V2 offers you the choice: buy packs of 5 pre-filled cartridges or purchase blanks.

Fill blanks with e liquid from V2 Cigs and the cost per ml drops substantially. You can choose from 12 flavors and bottle sizes of 50 ml or 25 ml. Zig Zag juice is also available.

Again, the more you buy, the less you pay per unit. At 25 ml, the price is $17.59 or just over 70 cents for a milliliter of e liquid.

A bottle measuring 50 ml costs $31.08: less than double the cost, so you know it’s cheaper. How much cheaper exactly? Nine cents or just over 61 cents per ml.

This isn’t the last cost to consider: you have to buy the blank cartridges to go with them too. Yet, when you add things up, e liquid is still cheaper than cartridges and less of an environmental stress. Cartridges add up and have nowhere to go but the landfill. E liquid bottles can be recycled.

In the matter of cost, V2 Cigs does not make the cheapest e liquid and probably doesn’t supply the best flavors you will come across. Although taste is subjective, reviews show you would probably buy some other brand of e juice before V2 Cigs if given the choice.

Halo Purity, for example, is inexpensive and highly praised. VaporFi e liquid, like Purity, is made in the USA from top-quality ingredients. V2 Cigs uses Chinese juice which is not as popular with Americans as juice from home.

But once you start using blank cartridges, it doesn’t matter which e liquid you choose. The quality of V2 Cigs chargers, batteries, and cartridges is high enough so that you notice savings right away because you aren’t disposing of inferior products that lose their charge rapidly or leak all the time.

Dec 12


When you browse the website for VaporFi e cig products, you might be struck with the variety of devices they carry. At first glance, it seems like a lot to choose from and you could find yourself overwhelmed.

If you came from Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, or White Cloud where they only sell mini cigs, the VaporFi catalogue is imposing. But break this list down and you see that some of the items they list are not for you. Their selection starts with the new vaper, moves on to slightly more confident consumers, and follows-up with advanced vaping tools.

You do not fit all of these categories simultaneously, so explore their starter kits one at a time according to your level of confidence. While you browse, keep an eye out for bargains and ways to save money at VaporFi.

Vaporfi Coupon Codes and Savings

We’ll be adding the latest promo codes and sales/deals as they are  released, so be sure to come back!

Opt into the Vaporfi email list for an instant 10% discount code.

Vapor Fi ExpressSavings with Starter Kits

Every vaping product they sell comes as part of a starter package but can also be purchased separately. As a first time customer, you would be unwise to buy their goods separately from a kit. You are going to need the chargers and a compatible clearomizer or tank for your unit.

By selecting a kit, you get everything the system needs to operate (except e liquid) and pay less for each piece. As you have seen at every other e cig website (V2 Cigs, Halo, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, and others), starter bundles save you money.

If you browse the internet for bargains or noticed the coupon code at VaporFi, you have also accessed a coupon code that supplies a further discount. Already, shopping at VaporFi could be fun and affordable.

Money-Saving Programs

Another way to save at VaporFi is to join their rewards programs. As a customer, you automatically receive points when you shop.

Points stay with you if you tire of the Express and want to switch to a Pro or a Rebel kit. These points can be swapped for a money value at the VaporFi shop but are not redeemable as cash.

Points are available in other ways too. Share the company on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Refer a friend who goes on to buy a kit at VaporFi.

Tell them your birthday and they will give you points on your special day. Write reviews and sign up for Home Delivery.

Home Delivery is an automatic money-saver because you instantly save 10%. With this program, the customer tells VaporFi how much e liquid (in cartridges or bottles) he wants to receive monthly, what flavor or flavors, and at what intervals (usually once each month).

Goods arrive automatically, but the program can be cancelled any time the customer wants. He also receives discounts and learns about private sales the general public knows nothing about. This reduces the work of vape shopping and the vaper also saves money.

You will have noticed there are other similar programs at Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and elsewhere. This popular method of sales saves the client money and gives the firm an idea of how many committed customers they can rely on each month.

The Blend of the Month Club

This is separate from Home Delivery and Rewards; a version of subscription services like Zamplebox which surprise customers every month with new bottles of e liquid. Join this program to try new flavors without paying extra for the privilege.

VaporFi does not send out random samples of juices you will automatically dislike. When you fill out your profile, the company asks which sorts of flavors you typically enjoy and those you dislike (tobacco, beverages, desserts, etc).

The company will not send you items on the “dislike” list but cannot guarantee you will enjoy the new flavors you are trying. Still, the fun is in waiting for a surprise and potentially discovering a brand new first-choice liquid before the rest of America knows about it. You could be the one to name this delicious blend too.

Blend of the Month Club members pay the price of a single 30-ml bottle: just $14.99 each month. Other bonuses are free shipping, discounts, trying exclusive new flavors before the public discovers them, and having the chance to critique these flavors. A contest with each flavor asks clients to name the juice and supply honest opinions about each blend.

Vaporfi e liquidsVaporFi E Liquid Generally

A 30-ml bottle of e juice costs $14.99 and comes in about 60 flavors so far.

Some are obvious choices for blending with other flavors at home or as part of the juice customization option on the VaporFi website. That is already 12 times as many juices as those available in pre-filled cartridges.

Your selection of 5 types is paltry and expensive: $3 per cartridge. When you think that V2 Cigs charges just over $2 and Halo just under $2 per cartridge — but even that is expensive — it seems the only sensible thing to do is switch to blank atomized cartridges or clearomizers if you use the Express.

That way you can select liquid in your favorite style and pay a whole lot less for it. With any other system (the Pro, Air, Pulse, VOX 50, etc.), you were already using liquid.

Not only is VaporFi e juice cheaper than their cartridges, but it is cheaper than a lot of other brands. Their juice is made in the United States to tight standards created by the FDA and United States Pharmacists.

Their ingredients are exceptional and carefully chosen. Conditions for the preparation of juices are lab-grade and sterile.

This is some of the safest e liquid you will encounter while also costing only 50 cents per ml. High-end juice made under mysterious conditions not widely published often costs 80 cents per ml or more. These top-shelf offerings produced in small batches win over the gourmet crowd in a way that micro-brew attracts beer connoisseurs, but micro-breweries are regulated.

E cig shops and mixologists’ labs are not (yet). You can trust the conditions under which your VaporFi e liquid was blended without having to pay top dollar for Cotton Candy, Sahara Tobacco, or Apple Pie styles.